Thursday, February 25, 2010

I gave this away

No, not the kids. We still have them plus another one. The dog. So a few years back the kids were begging for a dog. Hannah mostly. After much research and reading Golden Retrievers for Dummies, we bit the bullet. Steve and I both grew up with dogs and we felt our kids should have one as well. Now, we didn't just go down to  your local shelter or pet store. No way. We had to have THE dog. We found a breeder in Maine whose dogs were featured in the L.L.Bean catalog.  That's the dog for us. So, after being interviewed a million times by the breeder to see if WE were a good fit for the dog, she o.k'd us and we could now refinance our home to pay for the dog.

We timed the dogs' arrival just right. We wanted to bring him home for Christmas. After trying hard to work out the logistics of having him delivered to the kids Christmas morning we opted to pick him up the week before. We took the kids out of school and told them we had a surprise. The surprise took over 3 hours to get can imagine that ride.

We got to the kennel and the kids just freaked. They all stayed in the car and I went in and picked him out. Oh man was he cute. The kids fought over who was going to hold him, sit next to him, clean up the dog puke..o.k. maybe not that. We named him Fenway... as in Park... as in Red Sox. The kids loved him, I loved was fun having a puppy.

Fast forward 6 months. I'm crying my  head off handing over the dog to a stranger who promises to love him and take good care of him. The past few months had been trying. And honestly, it wasn't really the dog. He was just doing normal puppy things...pooping, chewing, biting. He really was a good dog. I'm crying over this dog as I write this! Anyway, it just wasn't our time I guess. Or maybe we're just not dog people. I WANT to be a dog person...I really do. I love the IDEA of having a dog. Hanging out on the beach with us, going to the dump with Steve with his cute head sticking out the window, the kids walking him around the block. And then I'll see someone walking their cute dog. I'll start to get the bug again...I'll look at Steve and he just shakes his head. Then that someone bends over with a plastic grocery bag and picks up dog poop. With their hands!

Anyway, I'm kind of back on the dog kick again. I know it's probably not time right now with the baby...right? Or is there ever a good time? Maybe I could just track down the guy we gave Fenway to and ask him if we can have him back. Thanks for taking him for a few years, but we're ready now....I think.


  1. This is EXACTLY how I feel about dogs. But Ben really wanted one, so I gave in. We have had "success" with a boxer rescue dog. They come as adults, they are already past the puppy stage, and they come basically trained. But she's still a dog, and she still gets out and runs around the neighborhood, and she still occasionally pees on the carpet, and Ben still forgets to walk her so she tears up a spot in the garden. It's like having eight kids instead of five.
    Don't you just need another baby instead? :)

  2. oh someone who knew Fenway, i definitely don't think it was the right time. maybe an older golden would be better. you know that we love having a dog at our house, but Sophie is 11 now and really easy. i do think that kids need a dog though, it is good for them:)
    hugs, rene'

  3. I've been a lurker for a while. Found you from a comment you wrote on "Clover Lane" a few weeks back.


    Our family was the same way. My husband and I both grew up with dogs and wanted that for our kids, too.

    We first got an expensive American bulldog puppy. So cute when he was a little, tiny puppy, but that puppy got big in a hurry and chewed and ruined everything in came into contact with. That was so stressful on top of taking care of three little boys. We ended up giving him away.

    Fast forward a couple of years. We had the "dog itch" again. Instead of getting a puppy, we got a three-year old Cocker Spaniel from our local online classifieds. His previous owners had him since he was a puppy. They had a baby who turned out to be allergic to him and needed to find the dog a good home.

    Max has ended up being the best dog ever! We get to enjoy all the perks of having a dog, but we didn't have to endure the difficult puppy stage (chewing, potty training, etc.). That part was already done! (

    My suggestion: Get an older dog that's aleady trained!

  4. Oh yes, I can relate. I am not a dog person either. We got one 2 years ago...a moment of "now or never" when I was pregnant with my 5th. Everyone thought I was crazy. And at times trust me, I regretted it majorly! But after that first 6 months it got is still a huge responsiblity though. He is a super duper good dog, but it's one more thing to do. I don't think I'd ever do it again...we all love him but this is it. I like the suggestion of getting an older one who is already trained, especially for a bigger more active dog. Ours is a little Malti-Poo...little poops, no shedding, coudn't get his teeth around anything to shred.
    Don't feel made the right decision!

  5. You family is beautiful! And the puppy is too cute.
    My Mom and Dad have a puppy who is 7 months now and about 55 pounds so you can imagine how rough and strong he is for an almost 4 year old little girl. Even me. I know that had to be hard for your family.

    Thanks for the sweet comment.

  6. I too gave our dog away. It was after my third was born. The dog had several skin allergies and always had a cone on. I had to keep him in the same room or else I knew he was trying to get at his patches. It was terrible. I started to resent all the time he took to care for. He is now happily retired with a lovely old couple who dote on him. And honestly the kids didn't seem to be all that choked about it. It was the best decision for both of us. I've always felt so guilty about it, I'm glad you wrote this post.
    Take care,

  7. Hmmmm, are you SURE you want a dog? I would not get a puppy until all of your kids are at least 4! That's what we did, but then I was thinking, am i crazy? I just got through the baby/toddler years & here we go again! Our dog came as a gift through good friends (she was a pup of their dog, the father) with AKC credentials. After shots, install of wireless fence, training, food, boarding (during vacations) etc. I can also say it is a big financial commitment~which wasn't a problem for us, but I wondered what we would have done if we didn't have the $ ? I also spent a tremendous amount of time walking her around our property for 20 min a day for a year. Yes, after 3 1/2 years I am glad that we have our black lab as she waits with the kids at the bus stop & keeps the deer at is a big commitment, so think about it & take your time!