Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So this is my newly renovated powder room and I LOVE it! (Still in the process of hanging picures, but thought I'd share) When we moved into this house a year and a half ago knowing that EVERY room in this house needed updating, I begged Steve if he would do this for me. And being the incredible husband that he is. ..he obliged. I was inspired to decorate this powder room through a decorator that I love. I have been following Tracy Porter for quite a few years now, in fact it is through her that I started blogging. A year ago I didn't even know what a blog was. Anyway, Tracy's blog had videos showing snippets of her home, recipes, gardening, etc. It was right up my alley. One of her videos showed this fabulous powder room that they painted a dark artichoke green color and the wainscotting high gloss black. I showed Steve the video..he was not psyched. He labored through that powder room all winter. He cut and hung each piece of wainscotting. He applied at least 3 coats of paint. As he worked I stood there watching, eating my Friendly's Reece's Pieces sundae's all pregnant. While he was painting the door...the inside black and the outside red, I went to Anthropologie (my favorite store!) and bought a doorknob. The doorknob really was not meant for a powder room door but I HAD to have that doorknob. Steve took a hacksaw (is that really what it's called?) and cut the doorknob because it wouldn't fit properly. When he finally got it to fit, guess what? It wouldn't turn. Steve then went to Home Depot to buy a sliding lock to install...all so I could have my doorknob. He's the best. Now, about that kitchen....


  1. This made me laugh--so the bathroom's only closing mechanism is like a bathroom stall's deadbolt? And in such a beautiful bathroom! It's worth it, for sure.

  2. Your bathroom turned out so pretty Pam. You should be proud of it, and continue to thank Steve every once in a while for all his efforts--get him motivated to move on to the kitchen!

  3. Loving that bathroom. I would never come out...just looking at the photo gallery would be a treat. And...you know I love that powdy knob! ;)