Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back to basics

Over the next 40 days there are going to be some changes going on over here. Maybe I'm getting in over my head here but it's time. Since the baby was born last June..(can't really use the "I have an infant" excuse anymore)...I feel like I've let some things go. O.k, I've let a lot of things go. My house seems to be in a constant state of dissaray, my eating habits are basically whatever I can grab or make with one hand..(baby in the other)...I'm not excercising regularly, money just seems to fly right out of my wallet, my hair hasn't been cut/colored since before Thanksgiving..(there will be no recent pictures of me on this blog)...I've got a million projects that I've started and can't finish. UUGH.

So, here is what I'm going to do.
1. I'm going off the sugar. I know a lot of people are giving up sugar and from what I hear, it's all good. I'm not one of those "French Women Don't Get Fat" girls that can eat one croissant or one piece of chocolate. Nope. I will eat the whole pan of brownies, the chocolate cookies for breakfast with my French Vanilla drenched coffee, an entire box of Girl Scout Thin that's what I'm giving up for Lent...sugar. The tricky part will be in March when we celebrate 2 birthdays..mine included.

2. As for my house. I feel I have to give myself a bit of a break with this one as we're constantly fixing up a house. As I've mentioned we've only been in this house a year and a half and there are still rooms that look like I just unpacked them yesterday. However, I think I need to come up with a cleaning know, Mondays-wash sheets, Tuesdays-bathrooms...just so I can stay on top of it. Right now, I'm way under it and it's not pretty.

3. Excercising. Now that I'm not running around the tennis court in those cute skirts anymore, I have to make myself get out side every day and at least walk. Yes, the weather just makes me want to stay in my pajamas all day, but fresh air and excercise are vital.

4. Projects. Last fall a few women in my neighborhood decided to take knitting lessons. I was the first one down at the shop signing up, buying all the pretty yarn and needles. Since the first lesson in October, I've knit one row and have not been back to a class. in my defense again we had a very sickly winter and it seemed like every time knitting class came up someone was either sick or Steve was traveling. I did just start to paint a dresser I got for FREE from my awesome neighbor. It's half done, sitting in my dining room waiting to be finished. My goal is to get it done by the end of school vacation...(4 days left).

5. Maybe I should cut and color my hair myself. I'm really not one of those women who enjoy going to the salon anyway.

So there it is. It's out there and now I need to be accountable for all of it. I just think it's time to get back to basics here. Quick, healthy meals for my family, excercise, fresh air, clean, organized home...and put down the credit card. Easy enough, right?


  1. No, that doesnt' sound easy. It sounds difficult but manageable. I'll cheer from here!

  2. i am going to email you later to chat about SUGAR!! I need to do this too...I might try to do it with you! Have fun bowling! xoxo

  3. Oh Pam you have created a monster list. Be easy on yourself and take baby steps toward these goals. Your children are happy and you are adorable. Lighten up! I do think you will feel better if you accomplish any ONE of these things but don't play Wonder Woman and expect to do it all right now!!!

  4. So nice to read that I'm not the only one who finishes off the whole pan of baking, and if it makes you feel any better, I've been in my house ten years and still some boxes hanging around. I figure you can use the baby excuse for at least three years. Longer, if your children are on the small side : )

  5. It is so good to have the list & work toward those things! Take it easy on yourself & tackle the the thing that is causing you the MOST aggravation. I am a list maker, too. (can't get anything done without them) As far as your hair goes, maybe try the coloring at home. If you can find someone whose color you like, find out what they use & try that if it is similar to your hair. I would recommend getting a good cut from someone (again asking someone for a good stylist).You will feel refreshed & ready to go on that list! Also, maybe give yourself a bit of a reward when you get something accomplished on your list. Don't we love rewards? Maybe an afternoon browsing books at a bookstore with a cup of hot tea?

  6. One day at a time Pam, but ALL great goals. You will make them happen! Look at all you've gone through the
    past 9 months! Give yourself a little break and do what you can when you can. I think you're awesome!!
    Love you, xoxoxo

  7. I could have (and did!) written out that same list!
    Did the sugar can do it...I'm posting on Thursday how it worked for me.
    Cutest picture...makes me have baby fever!

  8. Thanks for popping by my blog! I think I could have written this list too! Be good to have 4 kids...and a little one too!
    I am not off to a great start on the sugar thing...the chaos of the day got to me. Here I go to start AGAIN. Let me know if you have any tips!

  9. Thanks for the comment on my blog, Pam! I left a comment for you in the comment section.

    Great blog! This post rings true for me - sounds like the list I have for myself :) I'm weaning myself off the sugar, but I'm thinking I might need to just go cold turkey!

  10. Pam!
    Cross number two off the list and get a cleaning service! It could change your life!! Think how clear your brain would be if you didn't think about the house???
    TRUST me!
    And the sugar thing? I'm a whole pan brownie eater from WAY back....who can leave an uneven edge?? Must. Eat. Corners. Uh huh. Been there!
    Just give it up and get over the will be much easier after the hump. Try eating nuts or popcorn when the sugar urge hits!
    I know you will triumph!
    Love you!