Friday, February 26, 2010

Sunday Supper

Don't you just love how that sounds....Sunday Supper. Please come for Sunday Supper!  In our last house our neighbors would have Sunday supper every week with their extended families. They all lived close by so that made it easy. I would peek out my window on Sundays and watch them all gather at their dining room table and I wanted that. Steve and I had always lived so far away from our families that it wasn't possible for us to have that tradition.Now that we live closer to our families we can.

Normally on Sunday I make a big dinner anyway but now I want to start including our extended families more often. Every Sunday.

 I don't have a great memory at all, but I have many memories of our family at the table. My dad used to call the jug of milk something...what was it Dad? You used to say.."could someone pass the....." that was a big joke. My mom used to make certain dishes on each day...for instance...Friday was fish sticks. Who eats fish sticks?? We also did a lot of spaghetti and meatballs and American Chop Suey.  She used to make it in this portable skillet that you plugged into the wall. Kitchen appliances have come along way.

I recall my mom including outsiders in our family meals as well.  There was a girl who lived next to us who lost her Dad at a young age and she was alone a lot. Many times my mother would  invite her to stay for dinner. My mom still is a great host. I get my love of entertaining from her.

There are many holiday meals I remember too with great Aunts and Grandparents. My Great Aunt Mil passed away a few months ago....she would have been 100 this April. One time when I was a kid I think she had one too many Manhattans and right at the dinner table she fell back in her chair. I think her wig came off when it happened. 

I wonder why so many of my memories are at a dinner table? I couldn't tell you what I got for Christmas as a kid but boy I remember sitting at the dinner table at my Grandmothers house every year.

I want my children to have memories of big family meals together. So, if you're not busy on Sunday...come for Supper!!

*Steve won't appreciate the picture of him in his painting shirt...but don't you just love our centerpiece in this picture!!


  1. Sundays we always ate at my grandmother's with the rest of our cousins,aunts and uncles. I miss that type life ...everyone is spread so far apart now. The memories are wonderful. I would say there are great memories around that table too...your center piece is very chic! Love abounds and that's what counts!!

  2. What time is dinner, and I'll book my flight.
    I remember sitting as far away as possible from Dad's left hand, because if you were smacking your lips during the meal, he'd reach out and flip you in the head.
    Alisa always got cursed with the flip chair . . . .

  3. Pam, thanks for stopping by my blog, today! I've enjoyed reading yours. Your baby is so stinkin' cute he's making me want to go get one for our house.

    We had big family dinners on Sundays and birthdays when I was growing up. My favorite part was after, when everyone would stay at the table and chat.

  4. Such a wonderful post Pam! Yes, loving the centerpiece fo sho! I'm going to be your Aunt Mil in just a few years...I'm roaring at that story!! xoxo

  5. WHERE did you get your centerpiece???? AND you need another one!!! Pam, you are such a great writer...I am so glad you started blogging!

  6. Love the baby's seat of honor! We still have big dinners once a weekend- and we invite family or friends- those are my best memories of childhood too (i come from big Italian families) and i want to give those to my daughters.

  7. Mr. Griffey looks perfect as the centerpiece! Love your writing & the humor:)