Saturday, February 27, 2010

What's up with that?

Do you ever watch SNL? Steve and I used to watch it when we were young and could stay up past 10:30. I do miss watching it although it's not as funny as it used to be. I have seen it a few times recently while I've been up nursing the baby and there is a segment called "What's up with that"'s pretty funny.

Anyway, I want to know what's up with why getting your hair cut/colored costs so much. Seriously. Can I tell you what it cost me to have my hair done the last time? I'm sick just saying it. $320. That is BEFORE the tip.

Now, if there is one thing I could change about myself it would be my hair. I have not been blessed with good hair. It's stick straight, thin, fine, falls out...not only do I have some gray in my hair but a white spot of  hair on the top of my head. My hair and I fight daily.

O.k. so we've moved a lot as I've said, which means I haven't had one hair dresser that I can trust. Finding a hair dresser is difficult. It seems that for some reason I seek out the most expensive salon each time we move. I remember going to one salon when we lived outside of Philly and I guess I got the owner. When I went to tip him he informed me that salon owners were not supposed to accept tips. They offset this with charging more for their cuts...I guess because they're more experienced.

At the next salon I requested the owner. She apparently did not object to accepting tips. I found this out when I went to pay at the desk. The bill was around $250. As I am handing over my credit card, feeling sick, the woman behind the desk says.."Do you want to add her tip to this?"   Then she asks if I want to make my next appointment six weeks from now. Yeah, that's just what I want to do...spend $300 every six weeks on my hair.

Since moving here a year and a half ago I've seen 3 different stylists. The last one was the kicker for me.  It might be almost worth it if I enjoyed sitting in the salon chair for 2-3 hours. If I could just think of it as a mini day at the spa. I can't though. The whole time I'm sitting there I'm much is it going to be this time?

I just don't get it really. Why is it so expensive? I've done some research on Beauty schools. It would cost anywhere from $10-20K to get your liscense. Forget medical or law school...I'm pushing beauty school for my kids. They're done in a year, the tuition is cheaper, and they can do my hair...FOR FREE!


  1. WOW, $320 is CRAZY! I feel bad enough when my cut and color hits near $200 with tip. I only color 2-3 times a year...and have been trying to go longer between cuts to save some cash. I've thought about trying to do it myself..but am chicken!

  2. Another commonality, which, I must admit, I wish we didn't share. Your hair sounds exactly like mine, minus the white spot. It's awful to have hair like that, and in NEVER will hold a style for long. Luckily, I've lived in Mesa for almost 15 years now, and three years ago (yes, it did take that long), I found the perfect stylist, who I can tell, "Do what you want." Only once in three years have I been only slightly disappointed. And the cost is nowhere near what you pay. Must be an East coast thing. But . . . I can give you her number! :)

  3. ok, I'm super lucky. My cousin does my cut and color. But in her chair at the shop. She does not do hair at home. I pay $75.00. I KNOW what a deal I'm getting. I'm in WI. I recently moved 2 hours north of my hometown Milwaukee. Guess who still doe my hair?! Yep I still drive down to Milw. Not only do I not want to have to trust somebody new to do it, I have found out I would be close about $200 if my dear cousin was not doing my hair for me. As to why it costs so much. Well product even at the price they pay is going up, up, up and according to my cousin the ounces in the bottles are going down, down, down. Also it might not cost them a lot for school BUT chair rents are sky high. But I feel your pain really I do. The cost of feeling good about yourself is sky high! LOL But don't you feel so good when your hair is all fresh, shiney and colored. I know I do!

  4. Owners should not accept tips- it's poor business. They get a cut of everything. Everybody's work. shame on her. I've taken to cutting and dying my own hair- much to hubs dismay. lol. I wear up most days anyways...

  5. Pam that is CRAZY!!!!! I do not pay nearly that much. I am embarrassed to tell you it's less than $100.00 to get hi lights and low lights plus a cut and blow dry. You need to keep looking.

  6. Pam, this is crazy fo sho! I was sick paying $175 last
    appt. That's color, hilights, trim and blow dry. Every other appt. I get the highlights. I'm never out of there under 2 hrs. And, if I get products, fuggedaboutit! It's that time again, and I'm wondering if I should find someone new. That's the hardest part...My Shannon is fantastic and I've been seeing her for 7 years. I get a lot of compliments on the color,
    so am hesitant to change! Great post....xoxo

  7. Eeeegads. I thought my $200 was bad. My Guy thinks it's criminal. I try to hide the cost from him sometimes...and the owner/tipping subject makes me nuts! Some take it, some don't. They need an etiquette lesson. :)

  8. Wow! That is a lot of dough & I couldn't pay it more than once! Here is an idea, ask around for a stylist who now stays home with her kids. I know of a few stylists that still do friends hair at their home. At least if takes 3 hours, you could be having a cup of tea or reading a good book or visiting with your new stylist. I have a feeling that if you keep searching, you will find the right priced solution. Also, try coloring it at home with someone who knows color. (My Mom goes to the beauty school near where she lives. Do you have one nearby? Their prices are very reasonable & she looks great. Might take a bit of time though, but I doubt it would be longer than the salon)