Monday, March 1, 2010

What do you want to be?

We went to the Aquarium over school break. It was a lot of fun because we went with our neighbors and took the ferry into Boston. You know how much I love a ferry! Hannah decided  that she'd like to work with animals when she grows up. That's after she goes to school for fashion design in Paris. Oh to be young and have big plans for yourself.

I really never had any big plans for myself.  I cannot remember a time when I said..."When I grow up I want to be..."   I really just thought I'd get married and have kids. And that's pretty much what I did. You see, I never finished college and for a long time I was embarrased and ashamed that I never got a degree. I'm over it now, but it took me a long time to get there.

During the years that my peers were off at college, I sort of bounced around...trying to find my way. I'm sure my parents were not thrilled but I just didn't know where I was supposed to be. I lived in different places, held different types of jobs..and just sort of waited I guess for my real life to start.

Once my "real life" started..when Steve and I got married...I felt like I finally fit somewhere. It only got better after that when we started having babies. I knew my birth, nursing a baby, making a home for my family. This is what I was supposed to be.


  1. Gorgeous picture and beautiful post. Just so you know, I love being where I belong too.

  2. And what you are doing is the most important job there is!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh durl-friend - I suffered the same...only went to college for 2 years; embarrased, etc. I am over it. YOU are doing the hardest job in the world, and obviously it's your "thang" - you do it with joy! (GREAT picture!).

  4. Me too! I finished college and got my degree but never ever liked school...that last year was torture. I bounched around too...and then got married and had my first and found my "career". LOVED this post!

  5. And love your new header...especially that sweet baby.