Thursday, March 25, 2010

Turkey on my doorstep

Look what arrived on my front step this morning. Not a package from Amazon...just a turkey. He scared the living day lights out of me! These guys just don't show up on our street.  He was really pretty and  calm. He knew I was watching him...he walked all around the yard. I watched him for about an hour..carrying my coffee and camera.   I thought about how I am not an animal person at all but am so glad there are people out there that are. Animals know that I am not an animal person so they seem to latch on to me more than other people...I'm not kidding. I can't stand cats. I'm very allergic to them and I really don't like their attitudes...but whenever I come into contact with one they're all over me. Maybe the turkey and his friends just wanted to freak me out today so they sent one of their guys over to my doorstep.

I have a friend who lives in Colorado and if I could lead a double life..I'd live her life. She lives on a beautiful ranch with gardens and lots of animals...she's like a mini Pioneer Woman minus the homeschooling. She is a great host and entertainer even though I've never been to her house. She's a fabulous cook even though she's never cooked me dinner. Maybe someday. I don't think I could give up my ocean for her mountains though. I love the mountains...but I need the ocean. Anyway, check out her blog  Out of Colorado . I bet she'll have some advice on what I should do about my new turkey friend. He's cute and all but I hope this isn't his daily stop now. I'd rather have an amazon package on my doorstep.


  1. amazing funny-hope some of your fam got to see too!
    One January , not too long ago, i came home to have a DOE on my front steps eating pansies out of a was before my phone had camera capabilities...but i had 2 of the kids in the car and called a neighbor to come take apeep!
    Then she backed down the stairs, crossed the sidewalk and went on her merry way! Our porch is narrow and very close to the street-it was memorable!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Pam! Thanks for the made my day..what a sweet thing to do! I think your turkey is a sign of good luck! There's got to be some old Irish proverb that says.."If a turkey shows up on your doorstep, you will have good luck and fortune on that day", so who knows? I do love my animals, but agree with you on cats. Everyone asks me why I don't have a barn cat to keep the mice away. I already have manure management issues, why would I want to clean a cat box? They also have spooked my horses when I'm riding (at other barns) and I HATE that! They just appear out of nowhere and jump! We used to have deer everywhere at our other house.
    They're cute and Bambi-esque for about a minute, then they shred your entire yard of any flowers and shrubs. I called them "Las cucarachas de la montana"-cockroaches of the Now we have coyotes....they won't bother the horses,
    but will go after cats and small dogs. I'd love to have peacocks strolling around the property, but it would be a buffet for the coyotes. Love you! Just go with "the luck of the turkey'!! xoxo

  3. A turkey? And I thought my day yesterday was weird!
    I agree with you about the animals, but we do have that big ole' boxer that lives here. I only keep her because I love Ben . . . There are tradeoffs. Like . . . can't think of one.

  4. Pam I am blown away daily by your writing. The turkey is beautiful. Oh the feathers...pray she sheds a few on your lawn.

  5. A turkey? How cool. We had a prairie dog on our front porch one day. It wouldn't go away. Kind of scared me (thinking disease).

    Thanks for the heads-up on the CO blogger. It's fun to find bloggers who share my awesome state.

  6. You need to write...for a living! But on the subject of turkeys. GOOD GRIEF! Freak me out too. Yikes!!! That CO gal IS something, right? We'll be wined & dined by her...some day! Thanks for the giggle. This cracked me up!!!