Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Orange polka dots

Don't you just love Before and After posts? This one isn't anything fancy but we thought we'd share...

Back when we were living in KY while Steve was still in the military, I was pretty creative. I was always sewing or painting something. We had NOOOO money...one crappy car that Steve drove to work, and I was home with 2 kids. We lived in this TINY house on the military base and boy did I use up every inch of space. We had a great garden in the back and lots of flowers. I have great memories of that simple little house.

Anyway, my awesome neighbor gave us this dresser and Hannah needed one so we painted it the same colors as her room and she added the orange polka dots. I love how it turned out! And more importantly, so does she. I had every intention of buying her a brand new dresser..probably would have spent a few hundred dollars..but this was fun for her. Had I bought her a nice shiny new dresser I doubt I would have let her paint polka dots on it.

I'm feeling the need to be creative again. I buy stacks and stacks of fabric and I just stare at my sewing machine. I can't seem to turn it on for some reason. I buy craft books, sewing books, knitting books....nothing has been made though. I'll get there. At least I can cross the dresser project off my list.


  1. Ok Pam, will you sew for me? My mom is a great sewer (not really a seamstress) and I did NOT inherit that gift! I have been thinking about buying a sewing machine~but I know how limited my skills are in that department! I love that fact that you let her add the polka dots. It is important for a girl to have input! Find a really simple project & get that machine running, otherwise I will send you my project list!

  2. If you could see the stacks of fabric in my closet . . . someday.
    It's not happening today. I have a wedding cake issue I must address. The wedding is five weeks from today.
    Sewing better wait.

  3. LOVE this dresser and Hannah's embellishments the more!!! (Come check my "Tuesday Tip"...hope it makes you laugh!). xoxo

  4. LOVE it! I think my creativity flows best when I'm being frugal! :)

  5. What a lovely transformation! I love repainting furniture, and those polka dots are just too cute!

  6. I LOVE Polka Dots. I love these sweeties on Hannah's dresser!
    Have a sweet day. xo

  7. This is a GREAT before and after! So darn cute!
    I love polka dots and orange is such a happy color!

  8. Hot pink + orange polka dots = Awesome wow factor Hannah! You are a great mom, Pam.