Thursday, March 18, 2010


Around the start of the New Year, I was reading a few blogs that talked about their "word". A word that would describe how they wanted to live better maybe. I had thought hard about my word and I've always come back to one word...BALANCE. This is what I strive for in my life. In every aspect of my life I need balance. Family, marriage, me, excercise, diet, money, friends, and now....blogging.

I started this blog after reading someone elses blog post about how she wished that she knew certain things about her own mother while she was raising children. It's probably one of my all time favorite blog posts. Wouldn't you love to know what your mom was thinking about while you were growing up? What were her daily struggles, did she have a close friend to lean on, was she happy? Did the kids drive  her nuts?  I love that I have this blog to write my daily happenings...what's for dinner, how I'm feeling today, what the kids are up to right now, etc.  Maybe someday the kids can look back at it. 

What I don't love is that for a little while there I started to exhibit signs envy. There..I said it. Blogging, for me, will not become about followers, views, and comments. As much as I love a comment after a blog post I just can't have balance in my life if I'm constantly checking my comment box. This is not my job. No one is paying me to sit here and write about my feelings. This is a hobby. My job is to Mother. And I love my job!

This is Griffy at the beach this morning...his first taste of sand!

* The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you've lost it~ Anonymous


  1. We truly are soul sisters. I began mine for the same reason...that one day my boys & fam might read it. See how I was faring. And, yes, every once in a while the "green monster" hits when I have few comments. But, oh well. And thanks for keeping it real. It is a hobby. I always journaled, now it happens to be online. And, I LOVE your journal! MUWAH!

  2. Thanks for your honesty...I think I had no idea how crazy easy it could be to get wrapped into blogging, and the comments, and the following. My family needs me in the present, and this is a tool to share from my heart, and essentially "digi" scrapbook our lives...
    Your journal is fantastic...and the pics, priceless.

  3. Ditto that! Hence the description of "Diary",
    however I love writing TO specific people, and
    sharing things that I love too. I want to leave a legacy of show my boys and their future families who I was, what my passions were, and to pass on the family recipes and of course pictures. I'm always thinking of questions I would have asked my mom....I'm sad that she left too soon and I didn't get to know that much. Great post, Pam! Griff has completely stolen my heart! xo

  4. Pam, Pam, Pam. That is exactly how I've been feeling. And the ironic thing about this post is this: If I had picked a word for this year it would have been balance as well. And I'm going to take your advice, head off with the kiddos and not mess with the computer the rest of the day!

  5. I recently read in one of my books, figure out if your a thinker, a speaker, or a writer, and do it everyday to stay centered and grounded. I happened to be mixed in this respect, but one thing I love about getting older (or just plain wiser) we do things we want because we want to irregardless of what others want us to do. It is super cool to document your journey in motherhood, and Stephen, Hannah, Will, and Griffin are going to love reading it! We do.

  6. The more of your posts I read the more I love the way you think and write. This is so true, I too have suffered blog envy-look at her house, look at those photos, look how many followers she has, look how many comments, etc... Then I realized just exactly what you said. I do this for me, for my family, and for fun. Take any one of those three parts away and it all falls apart. I'm back to me, and just posting whatever I feel like, and it's good. Love the photo of your baby, those cheeks are too sweet resist.

  7. Oh what a face! I could hardly tear myself away to read your words which I loved.

  8. blog envy? ummm, yes I fall into that category! Love your header, your awesome pics & your superb honesty, Pam. You are an awesome Mom & an awesome blogger & already a dear friend! I am going to ask my Mom a few of those questions the next time I see her.

  9. I needed to read this. I am struggling with the same thing. I am an achiever, and need to feel like I'm being successful. But I need to always step back and ask myself why I am writing. I am also thrilled that one day my daughters will be able to see who I was and what our life was like day to day, and know that this is ultimately what is important. Thanks for reminding me of this. This will be my last comment today : )