Friday, March 19, 2010

Babybook Friday

This picture was taken 9 months ago...Griffy is now as old as the time it took to me to carry him. Time is going by way too fast for me lately. Does that happen when you get older? When you're younger you can't wait for time to speed up...I have reached that time in ones life when you want it to slow down. There is a song I love and every time I hear it, I cry...100 years by Five for Fighting. What a great song.

So, even though today is a milestone for Griff...9 months old...he's fun, not sleeping great, not eating anything yet, just nursing.....I thought I'd talk about Will. Will sometimes seems to get lost in the mix. Stephen, the oldest, Hannah, the only girl, Griffin, the baby. And then there is Will. Will is probably one of the funniest kids I know. He says things not even really trying to be funny..but he is. The other day he came off the bus not looking real happy. When I asked him what was wrong he said.."I don't like gym anymore". Now, he used to LOVE gym. So when I asked him why he said, "Because I have to square dance with Gracie". I guess they're square dancing in gym classes these days.

No one can make Griffy laugh like Will can either. The rest of us bend over backwards looking like fools to make him laugh...Will just looks at the baby and he's in hysterics. Will loves the weekends because he's allowed to sleep in with Hannah. I love that they love to sleep together still...

On another note.....I've been lost in a book for the past few days. Little Bee is the book and if you haven't read it...READ IT. It's one of those books that will stay with you for a long time. 

Happy Weekend!


  1. Oh, kids I love but have yet to meet. Yours! Happy Friday friend! xoxo

  2. awesome post. You are such a good, loving mother, recognizing all of your kids strengths!! your love just oozes out of your writing!

  3. How cute is that picture! So so precious Brothers and sisters, no one can come between them, sometimes even not mums and dads...
    Have a wonderful weekend! ox

  4. Will is the quintessential middle child isn't he? Easygoing, peacemaker, happy go lucky....I adore him and love that he and Hannah are so close. My brother and I fought constantly....I'm sure I'm the reason that Mattel doesn't manufacture Hot Wheels tracks anymore (the long ones at least)
    because they were my perfect weapon!lol. Love your Babybook Friday, and your children will love you for it too! XOXO

  5. I'm still trying to figure out how I ended up in a high school gym last night, where they were explaining next years grade ten electives? Zoom! That's how time flies.

  6. Such a sweet brother picture. And I have that middle child thing with my Ben. And he's funny and happy and easy most of the time.
    I'm adding that book to my summer list!