Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Love/hate Target

Sometimes I think we are becoming one big giant Target. Don't get me wrong..I LOVE Target. I spend most of my husbands paycheck there, especially since the new one up the road is not only a Target, it also has a full grocery store in it. Since when does Target carry chicken and strawberries?

When we lived in Europe I loved shopping in the little town with my little wicker basket. I felt so...European. At the time I only had one baby and we'd walk into town every day. We'd stop at the bakery for fresh bread and a treat for Stephen, at the meat market, the produce market...and we'd shop for our dinner that day. I got to know the shop owners. It was a simple way to live and I liked it.

Here everything is so BIG...SUPER SIZED. The stores we shop in, the food we eat out at restaraunts, the cars we drive, the televisions we watch, the houses we live in...the bigger the better right? I get the Target's and the Walmart's...I think they were intended to simplify. And for the most part they do. One stop shopping at it's best.

I like small. Quaint little antique stores, boutiques, cafe's and cottages. But tomorrow I'll be back at Target..you just wait.  I need some cleaning supplies, wrapping paper and maybe even strawberries if they look good.


  1. Don't you think you have to find some kind of balance? I would love to go to all little local shops but the prices and time issues just doesn't make that possible. So supersize me sometimes, but I love our little local bakery, pizza place, and pet shop.

  2. It's sad that my little town, Black Forest, doesn't even have a place where I can get some fresh veggies. I wonder how much money I'm really saving if I have to drive 20 min. to get a head of lettuce (in the winter), and how healthy is it when half the veggies at the supermarket are from Mexico? It is a balance, but I still refuse to shop at Walmart!

  3. I made a little vow a couple years ago when we moved that I was going to try so hard to not go to Target. Only a couple times a year...and you know what? I saved so much stinkin' money! I try to get everything at our supermarket...wrapping paper, etc...even if it costs more, it saves me money because I can NOT for the life of me get out of Target without spending $100.
    Europe sounds awesome!

  4. When my sister-in-law lived in France (with her French husband), I was treated to all the shops and daily-ness of life. It was sweet and fun and a treat. But then she took me to Carre-Four--Europe's "Wal-mart." Wowee. Those Europeans know how to supersize as well.
    They just know when to supersize and when to go small. That's the balance I need to find.
    Heading to Target--need a bumbo seat for Miss Evie!

  5. Just had to tell you--I'm back from Target, and . . . well, it wasn't good (for my checkbook, that is). But it was fun! And where else can you get popcorn and a soda for $1.62, including tax, and it keeps your three-year-old happy and good for an hour? Not the movies, my friend. (Movie still would have been cheaper overall . . . )

  6. Oh, dear. I love me my Target. It's dangerous territory tho'! Your European lifestyle sounds dreamy...

  7. Someone hold me back. I am ready to jump into this screen and eat Griffy up!!!! Oh Pam, that picture is just too too cute!
    As for Target...I love it!

  8. Yes, Target is dangerous for me too, I always spend too much money.
    I love the way you described your days in europe, beautiful!
    We live within walking distance to our little downtown and its great for the farmers market in the summer. We need some fabulous shops to go in. Everything is on hold because of the economy, we will see.
    Oh, and your little guy is too cute!


  9. I love Target, but it does have a $100 cover charge!
    P.S. Griffy is so CUTE!!! He looks so serious..I wonder what he is thinking!
    oxxo Gretchen

  10. I sometimes daydream about a European lifestyle. Walking through the cobbled streets etc. Your description is exactly how I envisioned it. Maybe someday. Be thankful for your Target though, all we have is Walmart.