Monday, March 29, 2010


While watching the news the other night there was a piece on Vice President Biden. He apparently dropped the F-bomb on live t.v. I'm sure you've all seen it...they played it over and over and over again. I watched President Obama's face as he heard Biden say it...I don't think he was pleased. I know I wouldn't be. I mean do you really need to say that? I think swearing is gross. Especially that word. I don't like hearing it when a man says it but hearing it come out of a womans mouth is even grosser.  Now, I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I've never sworn...but I will tell you that the word I use most..and it's not pretty crap. I wish I could stop saying it. It doesn't sound nice but I guess it's better than what Biden said.

I remember a friend of mine told me I should have "CRAP" on my liscence plate...I guess I say it that much. I also remember Will when he was little saying..."twap". That's great. Again, I guess it could be worse. I will tell you that I don't say things like..."cut the crap" or "holy crap" or  "he crapped himself"...that's just bad. One time when Stephen was little..around 2 or 3..we were living in Germany. We were traveling and found ourselves in line at a breakfast place behind some other American military family. The father said to the mother..."oh great, the kid just crapped himself". How gross is that? Stephen heard it and for a long time he said it too...

I grew up in a house where we weren't even allowed to say shut up. I still don't say it and tell my kids their not to say it either. There is a nicer way to tell someone to be quiet. The whole bleeping thing doesn't make much sense to me they think we don't know what they're saying behind the bleep? Have you watched the American Music Awards or the Grammy's lately? Some wrapper will be performing and the whole song is bleeped out...stupid I think. That's not music to me..but that's a whole other subject.

We'll be watching a baseball game on television with the kids and if the umpire makes a call that the player doesn't like you can see him swearing. What about the kids that are sitting in the front row of that baseball game and can hear it? We pay these guys MILLIONS of dollars a year to throw a ball around...can't they watch their mouth? Like it or not, they are role models and if I were their coach they'd be fined or suspended or both. Or maybe I'd wash his mouth out with soap. (I've never washed anyones mouth out with soap and I've never had mine either...just sayin.)

"A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger"~ Proverbs 15:1


  1. I think I'm living in a tunnel as I didn't see Biden's remarks. Wow. We weren't allowed to say any bad words either...and I'll confess that I say "crap" WAY too often. Great post!

  2. I'm with Julie. I hadn't heard this issue. Not really surprised. Our society is becoming hardened to harsh language. And I'm as guilty as most. I don't think we even realize what we're saying and how it sounds most of the time.
    And I can't stop looking at that picture of Griffy. That little chubby hand in the sand . . .

  3. Biden thought he was being a homey, cool in the made me want to wretch! Disgusting, and tells you where the "leaders" of this country are taking us!
    Oh....I could go on and on about this crap! lol. Actually, a lot of curse words today were mainstream language way back in the day. Cameron's English teacher in 11th grade had a seminar about it. In England, sh__
    was actually used to describe the color! As in: "What a darling sh__ brown sweater!" I'm not kidding. lol.

  4. I too grew up in a house where swearing was a no no. It was a little unfair though as my dad was from holland, and found many choice words to say in dutch. I guess it didn't count if no one around you knew what was being said : ) There is a quote out there about the use of fowl language shows a lack of imagination. Thats not quite it, but I want to find it.
    Take care, Dana

  5. Oh I cannot believe you said you could never say "shut up". That was a horrible thing to say in my house growing up too. Forget cussing we could never be rude with ordinary words. :) Times they are a changing.

  6. I've missed the Biden thing (my no TV ya know). But oh love that Scripture. I needed much reminding when I was a younger Mom. I've grown up and grown out of cussing. You do crack me up. Not crap me up, tho. Love you!!!

  7. Funny how we weren't allowed to use "bad" words in my childhood home, but "shut up" was used a lot. Too much. Maybe that's why I was determined that it would NEVER be used or allowed in my own home where MY son grew up. It's just such a demeaning choice of words to use. Very disrespectful. So good to know that others feel the same about that awful command.

  8. I missed the Biden thing too!!! In our house I alway remind my kids "we dont say "s" words"...shut up, stupid, sh__, of course they are not allowed to use "bad" words either, but that "crap" word seems to slip out of my mouth a little too often as well :)

  9. Loved this post! We got in SO MUCH TROUBLE if we said shut up. We weren't allowed to say Shush Up either because it sounded too much like shut up. If we said better run for your life! :)