Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to trap a Leprachaun...Will style.

Take a wild guess what this is. I bet you didn't think it was a Leprachaun trap did you? Yup. I've been living with this in my family room for two days now. Will worked really hard on it so I couldn't clean it up. He started with a few overturned stools and books and then it turned into what ever he could get his hands on and basically just threw it on top of everything else. He wants to trap a Leprachaun wicked bad.

When I grew up there was no setting Leprachaun traps, no money in the shoe, no gold coins being left for good little kids. There was Corned beef and cabbage and you were just proud to be Irish. I'm not making Corned beef and cabbage. I hate it and it smells. We're not big meat eaters here anyway...once every few weeks I'll make meatballs or a roast or something. I am going to make beef stew I guess and maybe if I'm feeling energetic, I'll make green eggs in the morning. I don't think I even own one article of green clothing.

I had never even heard of trapping Leprachauns until I met my friend Kathy Z. Apparently at her house the little leprachaun comes the night before St. Patricks day and makes a mess of their house...things like turning over chairs, throwing things on the floor. Listen, I don't need a tiny little green man to come make more of a mess in my house than there already is. But Kathy is a clean freak so this is probably the one time a year her house is a mess. Her kids spend weeks building traps to try and catch the little bugger. And, ever since my kids heard that they had a leprachaun visit..well we now have to have him here too.

So, the shoes are set out by the fireplace tonight waiting for little St. Pat. (I'm assuming that's what his name is..) The kids are sleeping with visions of gold coins dancing in their heads. (the store was all out of them so it's Gummi Bears instead). Happy St. Patricks Day.

* There are good ships, and there are wood ships, the ships that sail the sea.
    But the best ships are friendships, and may they always be.


  1. hahaha!!! we don't have any traps here, but the kids were very concerned about going back to school today so they could see if it came. i am laughing that Kathy Z does this, but it is probably the one day of the year she lets go. Happy St. Pat's day Pam!!

  2. The trap is pure genius! (Isn't it nice to have a good excuse for a mess?) Our leprechaun left gold coins, some shiny shamrocks scattered about, pins with Irish sayings (the kids all wore them to school, after they picked the one they liked) & 2 Ghiradelli mints/kid. We also had Lucky Charms for breakfast! I will be cooking corned beef & kraut this afternoon. Love St. Patty's Day!!

  3. My kids are gone, never did a THING for St. Pat's. Darn. I wanna be a kid in YOUR home! Hysterical picture...

  4. I had never heard of such a thing until Lily was in first grade and the dirty little bugger visited their classroom. Luckily it hasn't made it home.
    Aren't as many Irish in AZ, so I've never even tasted corned beef and cabbage. Sounds like I'm missing out.

  5. Traps?! Never have any of that over here and I'm married into an Irish family! No green clothing for us this year either, though hubby did go to work in his Ireland shirt lol.

  6. Too funny! I love Will and his Irish spirit!!
    I'm celebrating today....Erin Kelly, you know.
    Posted an homage to my heritage and I LOVE
    corned beef...yea, I know the cabbage smells up the house, but a little Febreeze and all is well.
    My Nordic friends come over every year...they'd never tried corned beef and cabbage.

  7. I bet he trapped something...maybe mama for a long time picking up things ;o)
    Kids are funny!

  8. We trap leprachaun's too!