Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today Around the Flat

griffy was up all night last night 
with a fever.
he refuses to take medicine
so we kept cool cloths on
him all night.
he's still not 100% ...
we spent the day on the couch
watching movies.
we watch the same ones
over and over again.
we don't have american tv here
which is just fine with me.
we do get CNN so we were
able to see Felix make that 
giant leap from the edge of space
on sunday.

will studying for a french test tomorrow.

the weather here this week.

i know..
lame with the photos right?
well, when you have a sick child
and a bruised tailbone..
you're not out walking the streets
of paris.
so this is what i take pictures of.
..before we moved here
we wanted to buy something to play
music to bring with us.
we've had a few of those bose type
speakers  that you plug your ipod/phone into.
but then we heard about sonos.
(no, i'm not getting paid to plug their product)
we love this thing.
we plan on buying another speaker
whenever steve travels back to the states.
i can control everything from my phone.
sound, selection, what i want next in the que.
you can move it around from room to room
and you don't have to tie up your phone 
having it plugged into it.
we can channel radio stations from
back home.
it's totally changed the way we listen 
to music.
(i should be getting paid for this!)

and last week
we had a playdate!
my new friend Nicky came over
with her sweet daughter florence.
i'm not sure if they'll be back
as griffin was a complete
nightmare while they were here.
nicky is so creative and i'm dying to 
get to her house to see her craft room!
florence brought griff some homemade
playdough and nicky made me an 
eiffel tower ornament.
how sweet is that?


  1. hope griffy feels better soon pam!
    no american tv huh? i might really like that!:)
    your weather looks a bit depressing i must say. rainy days are not my best.:( hope that clears up for you soon.
    and i just love that song home!
    have a happy day pam

  2. Feel better Griffy. My youngest hated medicine too, so I always threw him in the tub to get a fever down. Always seemed to work.
    I love Phillip Phillips too. I loved hearing about your new musical endeavors with sonos. I am not familiar with it, so thanks!

  3. Hey Pam...with that weather report...maybe you need to get some craft supplies yourself. I hope Griffy is better by the time you read this....and Will did well on his test!Janey

  4. The little ornament is cute, and your couches look so comfortable! :) Hope your little guy is feeling better. ~Bess

  5. Oh, we'll be back! It was so nice to meet you. I'm afraid we may have given you the fever as well (although I swear Florence was perfectly healthy when we came over). She's been sick all week. Just back to her usual self today.