Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ordinary Days

our days are starting to become
a bit more routine.
the older kids are gone 
for most of the day.
griffin and i are finding a 
new rhythm to our days together.
we shop daily for food...
which i enjoy.
my refrigerator here is a 1/4 of the 
size of the one i had back in the states...
but, i'm not complaining.
i know i'm wasting less food.
when i shop,
i buy only what i need for the next
day or two.
(except for my weekly trips to casino
for dry goods..which they deliver :)

i don't miss driving a car.
even when it's raining..
which is often..
we get out and walk.
i'm starting to recognize people now.
the girl at my local produce market who 
asks (constantly), why griffin isn't in school...
the rotisserie chicken man who now knows
how many pommes de terre i need
and that yes, i would like gravy...
the girl at my local pharmacy
(who is like my therapist)
 tells me i need to be taking my multi-vitamin along
with a "calming" vitamin to help with my eczema
that she believes has been brought on by stress.

many days..
especially sunny days like this..
griffy and i will stop at an outdoor cafe.
i usually have to bribe him with a kinder egg
and an orangina to sit with me and people watch.
we have a few cafe's that we frequent
but i like to try new ones too.

and every day we become a bit
more comfortable riding the train.
griffin obviously feels right at home.


  1. That Griff is too cute. You need to write a book about The Adventures of Griff in Paris. Bet you could think of a more clever title!

    Have a great week! Janey

  2. His curls just kill me! So cute.

  3. Just loving being on this adventure with you Pam! And I love you hair! : )

  4. Beautifully written Pam! I loved this post so much. Yes, this is becoming home : )

  5. He's precious! Are all the kids his age in school already? Pre-school? Love hearing about your every day routines! xoxo

  6. so happy for you Pam that you're finding some ordinary... those days are the best.