Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shopping the Champs

on saturday
hannah and i went shopping
on the champs elysees.
i will say
that i don't walk that
street often..
even though it's only
a few minutes walk from
our flat.

it is SO crowded.
but hannah was going
to a party that evening
and the h&m on 
the champs is great.

even though it was raining
we had a fun day.

empty cafe tables..

and i take back everything i ever
said..in an earlier post..
about louis vuitton not
doing it for me.

i would gladly accept
any one of these.
especially, the leopard.

i'm obsessed with oxfords.
i should just buy a pair right?
i'm afraid i'll get blisters.

we passed this boutique on 
our walk home.
i was drawn to the wallpaper.
and so we peeked in and
i totally lost it..

oh the leopard rug on the stairs!
i think i could live here.

steve and i went to another
parent party saturday night..
this time for the 5th grade parents.
we had such a great time
and met so many wonderful people.
the woman that hosted the party
lives here.
and this is her view.
the eiffel tower sparkles 
at night at the top of each hour.
it sparkles for about 5 minutes.
can you imagine looking out
at this every night?
she had the sweetest flat.
i wanted to curl up on her couch
and read all of her coffee table books.
she told me that when they moved
to paris a year ago
she decided everywhere she went,
museums, traveling..etc...
she would buy a book.
she would also write a little 
inscription on the inside of the cover..
i told her i was stealing her idea.
and i did.
i bought a book at the eiffel tower 
gift shop on sunday
and wrote all about our day.
hopefully, we'll go back to the states
in 3 years with a whole library
of wonderful books..
and memories of our travels.

really bad pic but..
..these are our purchases from our
shopping trip on the champs.
hannah's biker chick look.
i picked up this spotted dress
at h&m for 25 euro!
(about 30bucks)
i was trying to decide if i should
wear safe black tights and boots
or mustard yellow tights with my
mustard scarf.

which do you like?


  1. I personally like the all black. It is a sleeker look.
    I love the book idea---it's genius!!

  2. Pam, You look darling both ways..mix it up! Hannah is precious. I am so happy that your family is loving Paris. You're getting invited to lots of parties! I'm interested in the people you're meeting..are these parents American or European? Do they all speak English? Are the parties similar to what we'd have here in the States? Spill the beans, girl! xoxo
    Also, I love the book idea!!!

    1. hi gretchen! all of the parties over the last few weekends have been organized through the childrens' school. it's a way for new parents..like us!..to meet other parents. the school here has a very high turnover rate so there is always new people. there are about 120 kids in stephen's senior class and almost 20 are new transplants! yes, everyone speaks english although the kids have friends from all over the world.

  3. I love the book idea! I think I may steal it, too. And I like the black tights - CUTE dress! And Hannah looks rockin' in that dress and those boots! She is so pretty - just like her momma. Once again.... I'm living my Parisian dream through your posts - keep 'em coming!! xo

  4. Love both the tights, but I say wear the black tights and the yellow scarf...mix it up! I agree with Denise...keep'em coming!!!

  5. Pam..what a fun day! I LOVE the book idea as well. I love the mustard tights for a day look and black for evening with the mustard scarf!! Hannah..you are SUPER chic and cute!!! xoxo to both of you! Oh and a leopard louie??? I DIE!!!!

  6. What's wrong with one of each just like in your picture? Just kidding. I love the idea of the mustard, but I think the black tights look better. Definitely keep the scarf either way.

    I love your blog!

  7. Hello Pam

    I followed you from Jeanne's blog "Collage for Life". You blog is most interesting and I am your new follower
    I will look forward to your visit

    Helen xx

  8. i vote black tights.
    cannot believe the sparkle of the e.t.
    the book idea is the best ♥

  9. Hello! Oh the twinkle of the Eiffel Tower... What did you end up deciding about the tights? Personally, black tights... with the scarf! And the boots are spectacular! I am hoping to find some that fit before my trip but might have to splurge and pick some up on our trip over. Have a wonderful day!