Monday, October 15, 2012

"Kids, You're Mom Broke Her Coccyx"

one thing i love about living 
in a flat..
looking into the lives of the 
other people around us.
i love to see how they live.
the girl to one side of us
just had her baby.
as we were watching that little
baby for a moment
(ok..we're trying not to be TOO creepish)
steve and i talked about how sad it is 
that there will be no more babies for us.

so let me explain this.
saturday night we were invited to
a parent meet/greet kind of thing
for Hannah's 9th grade class.
we went to one recently for stephen's 
senior class and next weekend
we have one for will's 5th grade.
they've been so fun
and we've met so many interesting
so saturday afternoon
i take myself shopping for 
something to wear.
the invite says 
"chili and beer"
so i'm assuming it's 
but you never know in paris.
i wore jeans, a silk blouse
and some new kickin' boots.
:) the heel on the boots are a bit high..
for my standards..
certainly not paris' standards.
well, on the walk home
i fall.
 hard on my butt.
two days later..
i can't walk,
or get up from sitting.
and for two days i've heard..
in uncle ricco style..
"kids, your mom broke her coccyx."

we were craving some spaghetti and meatballs
recently and i love ina's recipe.
after figuring out how to ask for 
1 lb of ground beef
1/2 lb ground pork
1/2 lb ground veal
(love my google translate app)
i watched the butcher cut each piece of meat
and grind it.

now, i'm not really a meat eater.
but those meatballs were pretty darn

i have to get up now.
my coccyx is killing me.


  1. Oh no!!!! I do believe you have bruised your tailbone Pam. Poor lil' coccyx!
    Hope it feels better soon.
    I know how much you love Ina, and I'm sure you are channeling her even more now that you live in Paris. I caught one of her older shows the other day, and it was all based on simple French food, and yes....she was shooting in Paris!! Immediately thought of you : )

  2. Oh dear. I did that once. Injured my tailbone. I carried around one of those round donut looking pillows to sit on.

    Love the wrought iron railing outside your window.I would be a bit tempted to spy on my neighbors too.!