Friday, October 12, 2012

Griff and I Quit the Metro

this week i realized something.
it totally stresses me out
getting on the metro with griffy/stroller.
well..someone else helped me realize it actually.
my french friend beatrice..
now she's my friend,
however, she started out as kind of our liason.
she has helped us transition here in paris..
with things like..
schools, the flat, finding a dance school,
helping us rent a piano..etc. 
now i consider her my friend.
she was here the other night 
and told me to stop 
riding the metro with griff 
and the stroller.
i told her that i feel guilty
if i don't "get out there"
every day and see paris.
she got me over that quick.
we are so lucky to live
in a really great part of paris.
i have everything i need 
all within walking distance.
parks, playgrounds, museums,
shopping, cafe's.
beatrice recommended i make life
easier on myself and stay off the metro
with the stroller.
i agreed.
i'll save the metro for the weekends.

so today..
we walked and walked all
around our own arrondissment.
it was so lovely
and relaxing.
i didn't get the stroller caught
(like i do every.single.time)
in the turnstyle.
i didn't worry about getting on 
the right train.
i didn't have to carry the stroller
up and down those damn steps.

here are some scenes from 
todays walk..

 loving the oxford shoes 
i'm seeing everywhere.
wish i got a pic of a cute girl
wearing rolled boyfriend jeans
black patent leather oxfords
with purple laces
and a pair of leopard socks.

speaking of leopard
and my obsession with it...

look what i bought myself today!
from zara..
so it didn't break the bank.

window displays at lancel.

what paris girls are wearing.

pretty building

corner boulangerie

bon weekend!!


  1. I thought you were supposed to be getting stuff for Hannah from Zara ;)! Glad you liked what you found there. You look fabulous! Bon Weekend!

  2. love love love the leopard AND the oxfords...keep showing paris fashion!! looks like black combat boots are a staple!!
    i think your friend gave you excellent advice!!

  3. I agree with Dawn....LOVE the leopard and the oxfords and pretty please keep sharing fashion fins. What about skin care....Do the French have anything special in their cosmetic bag????? :D

    I'm happy that you and Griffy have "taken to the street" only because I bet you will spy a ton more that you would have probably missed on the metro. ;)

  4. No need to add extra stress to your life Pam. Bye Bye Metro!
    You look great in the new leopard!

  5. Do you Look cute in that outfit or what!
    No wonder Beatrice became a friend. She gives great advise!

  6. I'm following you from Wisconsin. I've always wanted to go to Paris. Always. And I love getting a glimpse of it through your blog. So, here I sit. At work. On a Monday morning, sipping coffee-- dreaming of Paris. It's going to be a great day!! AK