Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Last Weekend

we're all dealing with a bit of sickness here.
sore throats and tummy bugs..
and missing steve.
he left sunday for l.a.
it's only wednesday..
and it's already been a long week.

will started soccer!
i'm so proud of how well he 
has adapted to our new life.
soccer is every friday after school 
and saturday mornings.
there is no late bus on fridays..
so griff and i have to take the train
(3 of them!) pick him up.

here we are
waiting for our train home.

this past saturday night
we were invited to a champagne party.
a fundraiser for the senior class.
it was held right outside the city
in this families gorgeous home!
seniors and their parents were invited.
only champagne was served.
now, i'm still trying to get 
used to the fact that stephen, my 17 year old
can drink alcohol. 
it was strange to me
to watch these seniors
walking around this party with champagne glasses.
but even stranger..
how responsible they are.

over the past few weeks
i have watched my oldest son mature into a young man.
i'm amazed at how he handles himself.
steve and i watched him saturday night at the party...
trying to be discreet.
his senior year in a new country,
new high school.
his new friends are from all over the world.
while we were watching him..
we both knew that we made
the right decision moving here.

really crummy picture 
but this is us heading out saturday night.

early sunday morning
steve left for l.a.
the kids and i had a lazy day.
we walked to our little playground.

i read somewhere recently
that french mothers dress their children
similar to how they dress themselves.
this little girl is a perfect example.
how cute is she??
her (gorgeous) mom had on 
jeans, flats, blazer and a scarf.

sunday night the kids and i 
walked to Indiana.
it's a very american restaurant..
fried foods
ben and jerry's ice cream.
it was nice not to cook
and it was a beautiful walk home around the 
arc de triomphe.


  1. Oh wow Pam.
    Your comments about observing Stephen at party really hit me hard.
    Hard in a wonderful sweet way!

  2. dang.

    little griffy just cracks me up.
    he's got this paris thing DOWN ♥

  3. I think Americans can take many notes from how the French raise their children.