Wednesday, October 10, 2012


griffin and i met a friend
here at cafe de flore.
this cafe has been on my "go to" list
since before we moved here.
griff was in rare form 
so we lasted about 20 minutes.

even though it was just a few minutes..
it was such a treat to meet her 
and her husband.

and honestly,
i should have known better i guess.
sitting at a cafe is not fun 
for a 3 year old.
believe me,
i try it on a regular basis.

this move hasn't been easy on griffy.
he still asks if we can go home.
we have a framed photo of the bridge
to our beach back in the states 
that is in our kitchen.
griff asks daily,
"mom, we go there?"
i think it might have been a bit easier on him
if we had our stuff.
familiar surroundings for him.
if this doesn't feel like home yet for me..
it certainly doesn't for my 3 year old.

i have put off potty training,
 moving him to his own room/bed
and preschool.
i'm letting certain behaviors slide a bit.
if we were "back home"
i would be on top of those things now.
but, this is home now
and i think griffin has been through
enough transition already.
i know all of these things
will come in time.

and then i will sit 
for hours and hours 
at a cafe.


  1. Hi Pam,
    Sorry that it was only for a few minutes. You're right, one day you'll be meeting a friend there and have lots of time. You're doing the right thing by letting those preschool things slide. Your instincts are best and I'm sure he's loving his time with you whereever you are... the states or Paris. You and he have all that you need. But sorry that it's been tough on him. Hang in there! PS~ love the pearls with the jean jacket!

  2. Poor Griff! He will come around. Cute picture of you and your friend.

  3. ch ch ch hard..I remember those days, but you know, it all goes by so fast!
    maybe taking care of some of those things you have been putting off will start to make it seem like "home"
    p.s. I'm still jealous...grouchy 3 year old and all!! xoxo