Thursday, October 18, 2012

Today Around the 16th

after being housebound for most of the week,
griffy was well enough
( and me too!)
to walk.
we walked for hours today.
i think it's one of my favorite
things about living here.
walking and soaking up this 
beautiful city.
i love all of the 
sights and sounds 
(ok, maybe the constant beeping of horns
drive me a bit batty..what is it with the french
and beeping their horns? at all hours of the 
day and night.)

here are some pics from todays walk.
above is a lantern outside of my building.

statues and a playground
at the  Jardin du Ranelagh.

automne in paris.

more beautiful statues in the jardin.

headed home..
towards the eiffel tower in the 

man buying grilled corn on the cob

paul & joe

pretty lavender flowers.

paris is amazing.


  1. Oh yes it is amazing, and I love seeing all of these pictures of your daily adventures. It never gets old, so thanks!

  2. everything is so. pretty....everything. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us....I love it when you post!!!!

  3. What a nice walk. Very envious here!

  4. I just LOVE seeing your pictures - especially now that I've wandered around there myself! Keep them coming!! I'm living vicariously, you know..... ;-)

  5. Hi! I just found your blog. What fun to live in Paris! I look forward to following you.


  6. Oh, to have THAT walk home......Lovely! I'm so happy that you get to take in all of the sights and sounds of Paris. Memories to treasure forever!

  7. what a lovely neighborhood!!!