Monday, October 8, 2012

Paris Weekending...The Louvre

we had such a great weekend!
and after last week..
it was nice to have some fun.
steve was in l.a all last week.
i'm used to his travel schedule by now..
but last week was a tough one.
when we lived
in the states and he'd travel overseas..
he would bring us back all kinds of exotic presents.
now he travels to the states and makes target runs.
oh do i LOVE my measuring cups/spoons!
no more converting! 

saturday, steve flew home.
when he got here..i was getting my hair done.
my first cut/color in paris.
i was a bit nervous, but like how it came out.
i spent the first half hour having 3 stylists
examine my hair.
they were trying to find the english word for 
lucky for me and my handy iphone translate...
i figured out that what they were saying was that my hair was DULL.
after highlights and a cut..
i had the longest blowout of my life.
the french take their blowouts seriously.

sunday we walked to the louvre.
it was a beautiful day in paris.
we stopped along the way in the 
jardin de tuileries.

we ordered baguette sandwiches
from one of these outdoor food kiosks.
i could live on the cheese and butter baguette.

after refueling...we headed towards the louvre.
the people watching along the way is my 
favorite part.

love the shorts, blazer and boots.

leather and houndstooth..
and their matching yellow.

the louvre offers free admission
on the first sunday of every month.
we were willing to wait the 45 minutes to an hour
to get in...however, after waiting only a minute or two
an attendee came up to us and ushered us right in.
so happy we brought the stroller.

will loved the louvre and wants to go back.
and i thought we'd be dragging him throughout it.

the headless angel.

griffy said.."mom! that baby is doing eh eh!"
eh eh is what griffy used to call nursing.

one of the many beautiful painted ceilings...

you know i love a spot of leopard.

view from the louvre.

another great weekend in paris.


  1. Your hair looks wonderful!
    I so enjoy your posts. use to children under 18 also get in free at the Lourve. The food court there in the underground mall always made me think I was in the U.S.

  2. Amazing!! Thanks for taking us along on your adventure Pam!

  3. I love your new haircut and color Pam!!! I have been catching up on your blog and have enjoyed all your Paris ups and downs!! I went out on a limb and bought some black skinny ankle length pants after seeing one of your wardrobe needs kicked up a notch!! thinking of you and hoping that you continue the fun of the weekend throughout this week! hugs, cathy

  4. Your hair does not look terne now!!! it looks fantastic!!!
    oh the louvre...sigh
    gorgeous weekend for sure!

  5. How lovely that your children enjoyed the Louvre. I didn't take mine till they were a bit older...10 and up. What did the children think of the Mona Lisa. Each time we go Chloe doesn't see the big deal. To her it's so much smaller than the image she holds in her head. Each time we go the childrne have to drag me away from in front of the old masters...and they bring kleenex for Same thing with the National Gallery London; which I'm actually much closer to for months of the year. Your hair looks great by the way. Do you love it?