Friday, October 26, 2012

Buddy Bears in Paris

we fly to italy on sunday morning.
steve had to work today
but the kids have already started
their autumn break.
so today the two little boys
and i took a walk down to the 
eiffel tower. 
i love turning the corner
to view it.
the sight of it never gets old.
but what i love now..
is watching the faces of people
who have never seen it.
i should photograph them.
it's the coolest thing.

for the next few weeks the
are here in paris.
after the boys had their
traditional ride on the carousel
and a hot dog
we walked up the champs de mars
and looked at the beautiful artwork
done by artists from 140 different nations..
all in the name of peace.

here are a few..


aren't they amazing?

bon weekend mes amis!
we'll be back next weekend..
off to see venice, tuscany and rome!

p.s...a few people have emailed me saying they can't 
comment on my blog.
i noticed i had the word verification turned on..
i shut it off.
hopefully that'll work!


  1. Have a wonderful fall break in Italy... sounds devine! Can't wait to see all of the pictures!

  2. Bonjour Pam! You will see this message when you return from Italy... I found you on one of the blogs we both follow (Collage of Life? Growing Berries?) Anyhow, I have just browsed through your posts and noticed you have been in Paris for a few short months. It was fun for me to read some of the stories about "getting adjusted" to the French way of life (ie getting a new scale so you could prepare recipes with the metric system...) I had to do the same thing here in Seattle - but the other way around - when we moved from Paris 16 years ago... Brace yourself for grey skies and damp weather over the upcoming winter months. Another thing we have in common, it seems, since the Pacific Northwest is at the same latitude as Paris. I still think you are coming out on top since you live in downtown Paris and can walk to a boulangerie or an outdoor market almost daily (and your beautiful apartment... Wow. That is a lot of space, and a great location too.) Looking forward to reading more stories when you return. Have fun in Italy with the family. I wish my 12-year old could take at least one week off right now... Veronique (French Girl in Seattle) PS: I am your newest "Follower"

  3. So creative. I love the Statue of Liberty.
    Safe travels.

  4. These are adorable! And thank you for turning that gadget off. xoxo