Monday, October 22, 2012

From The Top of The Eiffel Tower

yesterday we went to the top 
of the eiffel tower.
we've been waiting for a clear
weekend day and yesterday
seemed like a good time as any.
i'm glad we waited a bit though..
being at the top i was able to 
recognize much more now that
we've been here a little while.
i'm really not comfortable with heights
but i knew i had to just breathe 
through it and enjoy the 
magnificent view.
i love the  buildings of paris..
but from up here they just seem
even more beautiful to me.

looking out onto the 
champs de mars towards
l'ecole militaire and montparnasse.

looking down.
oh my.

griffin has been talking about
going to the top of the 
eiffey towey for weeks..
we get up there and he wants
to go home.
not what he expected i guess.

the arc de triomphe..
i think we could see our house!

and the autumn trees.
not as vibrant as new england..
but i'm not complaining

it was a beautiful day
looking down on paris..
i kept thinking..
this is our home!
and how very lucky we 
are to call paris our home.


  1. i have butterflies in my stomach just looking at your pictures. what a beautiful day!

  2. STUNNING! I'm so scared of heights, but I would do this in a heartbeat. Poor Griffin! :(

  3. 1,063'...... Yes. I goggled it after James and I were back safe and sound in the States. I am TERRIFIED of heights and even had him freaked out a bit while on the 2nd level waiting on the next elevator - and he's NOT scared of heights! My pictures aren't nearly as beautiful as yours since we were there at 10:30p.m. Thanks for sharing yours. I will never tire of living vicariously through your great Parisian adventure.... Funny story. While we were waiting in line outside to buy our tickets I saw this handsome American boy that I thought for sure must have been Stephen. I even went up to him, struck up a conversation and asked him if that was his name. xoxo

  4. Beautiful! I love reading about your life in Paris...yes you are lucky~

  5. I am curious, how much does it cost to go to the top? It is so pretty!

  6. Great pictures. We all agree, I think, that indeed you are lucky..