Friday, October 28, 2011


It was 34 degrees when I went to the bus stop this morning.
Some parts of New England even got snow!
I'm so glad I picked up this scarf and these gloves.
You know how much I love teal right now!

Griffy loves his play dough
I love it when he doesn't mix all the colors together :)

You should RUN to your nearest Target.
And buy the new Mrs. Meyers candles.
They're 6.99 and the new scents are so good!
This is Spice Cake.
It inspired me to make...

this pumpkin bread.
I love the name of it.
Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread.
Mine only made 2 loaves and I'm sure
that 1 will be gone before school gets out.
I added chocolate chips to mine.
Man it's good with a cup of tea.
(oh...and instead of a cup of vegetable oil..eww...I used a cup of coconut oil)

I'm starting my Christmas list.
I'd love a new pair of Ugg slippers..
oh wait.
I didn't mean my list..
I meant the kids.
I'm loving everything in 
The Land of Nod catalog.
I can't believe there are 8 weeks until Christmas.

And today..
I'm happy it's Friday.
It was a 
week with the 


  1. that candle and that bread have just ran themselves to the top of my list. thanks!! :) teal is one of the happiest colors. fact. :)

  2. I love that first photo! Your pumpkin bread looks delicious, and I also add chocolate chips to mine. I can't find the Mrs. Meyer's candles anywhere!!! AGH. We have a couple of stores that sell their cleaners, but no candle. I'm going online right now to see what I can find. Have a great weekend. :)

  3. You inspired me to buy a Mrs Meyers candle...I got orange clove.
    Griffy gets cuter and cuter! That first pic of him in the mirror is adorable.

  4. psyched about this pumpkin bread, pam - yum!! ... and seeing as i now spend all of my time hovering over a puppy doing pee patrol, i guess i've got the extra time to be making it these days ;-)

    ps - long week with the pooch? was hoping you've made a turn for the better by now ... i'm counting on your good news to keep me going, girl!

  5. cracking up at all your dog comments. That is EXACTLY how I felt when we had a dog. Notice the "past tense" there. Yep. I couldn't deal. So away she went. I'm a crap mother.

    Only 8 weeks til Christmas? YAHOO! That means only 8 weeks til BSD finally gets home. :)

  6. Did you dress the dog up for Halloween?