Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In The Face of Adversity

Ok so I knew that getting a puppy was going to be work.
I guess I forgot how much work.
I know.
I seem to be complaining about the dog lately.
My neighbor told me a funny story when I was complaining to her
about the dog the other day.
She knew someone that was always saying
"damn dog" to their dog.
Soon the kids were saying
"where's damn dog?"
"time to feed damn dog" 
"c'mere damn dog".
That'll be me.
Really..he's cute.
And not a BAD dog.
But, he's a DOG.
And I'm just not used to this.
I have to say that I truly 
picking up dog poop.
I really hate that I walk around my yard now
like it's a minefield.
I just haven't mastered the art of 
picking up dog POOP with a plastic bag.
You are like
This is what I'm facing now
and it's building my character.
In a good way
I hope.
You can still build your character
at 43 right?

Life is crazy busy right now.
Kids schedules
Steve's travel
did I mention we have a new puppy?
I have zero time to sit at this computer.
But, this past weekend
we were able to...
get to the beach
do some yard work
fix my car :)
drive to Stephen's regatta out in western Mass.
visit Grandparents
host Grandparents for dinner
ballet in Cambridge
and have some quality family time!

I love that Stephen rows.
It is a way cool sport.
He says all that time how hard it is.
The blisters on his hands prove it.
The 5 a.m practices prove it.
The building of his character
proves it.
I see it and 
someday he'll thank us.

*If you don't like something, change it;
if you can't change it
change the way you think about it.
...Mary Engelbreit


  1. I get it...#1 reason I dont have a puppy, and I really dont just LOVE having a dog (there I said it :) I WILL NOT pick up poop with a plastic bag...can't do it. I think every kid gets a day to pick up poop (except Griffy of course :)

    And I love that your boy rows...I have always thought that was so cool!!

  2. oh, pam, your dog stuff has me a little freaked ... i feel like a full-term pregnant lady and you've just had a rough delivery experience - gulp - no turning back for me, T minus 2 weeks!

    ps ... thanks for the comment you left re: mothering ... best compliment i could ever receive ;-)

  3. Right there with you on the dog thing. We have two...and every day I ask myself, Why?? Today the kids did help me with them. Thank goodness. Life is to insanely busy right now. I feel like I'm on a hamster wheel. Someday I'll get off, right?

  4. Two words - pooper scooper - they have 'em at Wal-Mart and you don't even have to bend over to pick it up!

  5. Oh you are so funny. I have never ever used a plastic bag to scoop poop and I don't know how people do that. It is just way too close to touching it.
    I love crew also...we are going to a beautiful regatta this weekend and I can't wait. Abbey's hands will never be the same though...terrible blisters all through the season. But she loves it. I am so glad she joined because I would never have known what a neat sport it is...it is a little like ballet...you would never know how difficult it really is, because it is supposed to look beautiful and easy.

  6. Long time reader, first time I've commented.
    I hear ya loud & clear.
    We have 2 border collie's.
    They are a whole lotta work.
    I love them, really I do.
    But if I had my time again, mmmmmmm.
    Come on over and visit.
    I think we live pretty similar lives on different sides of the world.
    Love your blog, Niki

  7. Dogs are a lot of work, but a good example for children that once we take on a responsibility, we follow through regardless of what we WANT to do that day, or not do that day (too rainy to walk, too cold, etc etc). And yes, I hate picking up poop - I use the really thick bags they have at dog parks - its not as gross as the regular plastic bags. And I know other folks who use pooper scoopers and a big bucket with plastic liner...and then a couple smart folks I know have trained their dog to poop in one location in their yard, which helps the minefield part. I hate that part too, altho mine don't typically go in the yard, we have to walk them am/pm for toilet duty. totally feel your pain - but a couple years from now, it will be totally worth it. I love the comfort of knowing the dogs are here - just a little security dog woof.

  8. Pam, I don't know what dog food you are using.... but there is a brand called Neutro. Talk about a HUGE difference in doggy poo in the yard! It has better "stuff" in it for dogs that makes it more digestible for dogs, therefore, leaving less waste out in the yard (or in your case, possibly in the house.) ;-) Give it a try for one month and I think you'll see an huge improvement. Good luck. Oh- rowing is pretty cool!

  9. The puppy stage doesn't last forever, but, unfortunately, the pooping does. I'd get the kids to help out with the poop pick-up. Just make sure they wash their hands afterwards. Make everyone help out. It's not your dog-it's the family dog.

  10. Hi Pam! This is my first post, but I have been following your blog for a while. I love it BTW. I am right there with you with the whole dog thing. My daughter has been begging for one since she could say the word dog, but my husband has allergy issues so that has kept us from running out and grabbing one. We do "dog sit" a friend's "hypoallergenic" dog (is there really such a thing?) and I am exhausted by the end of it. Its just one more thing to think about and you can't just spontaneously go and be out of the house for 8-10 hours, you have to make sure the dog is taken care of. But I do know that once you bond with a dog, its the best. Everyone tells me anyway, so hang in there. We will be making that jump at some point as well! Next house, is what I keep saying, a dog friendly house!

    I have started a cooking blog myself, http://marinmamacooks.blogspot.com/ which I think you might enjoy. Your cooking style is similar to mine, organic, trying to be healthy (but remembering we have kiddo's to feed) and I just love that Barefoot Contessa as well. I started the blog because my friends were always asking me for recipes and asking what I was cooking that night. I love your cooking blog and keep checking to see if your going to update it. I would love if you could post that yummy looking chicken enchaldia dish you posted way back or tell me where you got it. It looks amazing and I would to try the recipe!

    Best of luck with the puppy! He is so darn cute!

  11. I.love.this.post. Oh my! I am "damn dog." That's all I ever said about ours when we had her. Makes me literally lmao reading this.

    As for the poop. Picking it up w/a trash bag never bothered me though. I could tune that out, but BSD would gag. Oh man, did I give him "crap" about that. weenie! What about using one of those poop picker-upper things? My neighbor uses one. It's easy.

    Love your crew shots. BSD is always telling BB that she should row when she gets to HS. I think he wants her to live out his dream for him. Maybe I'll just send him to your blog to get his fix. :)

  12. Hey, Pam! Thank you for reminding me why we don't have a dog. My boss' daughter got a puppy about a year ago and she said she's finally enjoying her.... she's quit eating everything in sight! But puppies are so darn cute!

  13. Oh no....when we first got our only dog, I remember saying and still say "It would have been easier to have another baby" True, right?
    Hopefully things will get better soon.

  14. Laughing about the poop! Baby poop & smear grosses me out as much as dog poop grosses you out. Maybe that's why I was meant to work with dogs? ha ha. You'll start having fun with him soon, when he starts bike riding w/ the kids, and when you go hiking, and to the beach. It gets easier! Don't give up, he's a beauty.

  15. Dogs are tons of work. Worth it, but so exhausting. We lost our dog in March, and I'm just not ready for all of the hard work involved in getting another. You sure did get a cute one though! :) Love the photos here. And love the quote!

  16. Hi Pam,
    As someone who walks dogs for a living, I joke about what I do everyday. Ya gotta have a sense of humor! It's just too gross. . .
    I use a little garden spade to pick up poo.
    Plastic bag and cute garden spade. Tres chic!