Thursday, October 13, 2011

What's the Deal With Dog Poop

Someone shared this with me yesterday.
Do you remember this from Jerry's stand up days?

"On my block a lot of people walk their dogs 
and I always see them walking along with their little poop bags.
This, to me, is the lowest activity in human life.
Following a dog with a little scooper.
Waiting for him to go so you can walk down the street
with it in your bag.
If aliens are watching this through telescopes,
they're going to think that the dogs
are the leaders of the planet.
If you see two life forms,
one of them's making a poop,
the other one's carrying it for them,
who would you assume is in charge?"
Jerry Seinfeld.

It's pouring here today.
Griff, Zigg and I just came in from a walk.
And I did NOT pick up poop.
I don't even bring a bag.
He pooped on my neighbors lawn the other day.
I went back a few hours later 
with the pooper scooper and picked it up.
I felt awesome walking down the street
with a pooper scooper 
filled with dog poop.

Seriously, no more talking about the dog poop
Enough already.


  1. Too funny! Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Love Jerry's take on dog poop! So true! My dog will not go #2 on a leash while walking, only in the backyard. It makes dog walking SO much easier!

    {Love your wellies!}

  3. I am LOVING your post about the new puppy because we have a new puppy too and sometimes I think....oh, man, what was I thinking? I have 6 kids, one being an 8 month old, so what WAS I thinking? I pretty much feel like I have twins (two babies that is). Sometimes I want to sell it while the kids are at school, but I can't, so in the meantime I will change the way I think about this adversity! :)

  4. I guess I have really lucked dog NEVER poops while on a walk...strange but true!

    are your wellies the gloss or do they just look shiny in the pic?? mine are the original, and not as shiny!

  5. i totally remember this seinfeld piece, pam - so so funny - i've been thinking a lot about this scenario lately as i stoop to join those poor pitiful people who carry poop in bags as they walk their dogs ... dear god, what have i done?!

  6. Pam, I can't remember if I asked you this you have a place in your yard, like a "natural" area where you can take pup to poop every time and it won't be such a pain to have to scoop it constantly? If you take him to the same place every time he will learn to just poop there. And if its wooded or natural you won't have to be so diligent about scooping so often.

  7. Too funny! Get chickens. You don't have to walk them. And you just dump out the shavings once/week. Much simpler.

    But, really. That puppy is TOOOOOOOOOO cute! Poop and all.