Thursday, October 20, 2011

Right Now I'm Loving...

..These striped bags in this months Living magazine.
I thought the bags would be so cute for our advent tree this year.
And I just loved the straws.
This etsy shop is so cute!

...Being Boo'd..
With Monster Mash Jelly Belly beans. 
Our turn!

...Mrs. Meyers Apple!

...This soup.
Tabatchnick Lentil..
Sometimes it's just not in the cards for homemade soup. 
This one is yummy, healthy and only 160 calories.

Will had a project due this week.
And of course I break out the glitter.
He would have none of it.
How can you not love glitter??

...This conversation between Hannah and I.
It took place on Sunday when I was at Stephen's regatta.
I guess she's bored with the dog and Griffy already.

...This Latte nailpolish from the Gap!


  1. Ok, Hannah sounds just like my Zoe. Don't you just love their texts? So funny you got booed, we did as well, and I just posted about it last week. Gotta look for those candies to replace all the candy corn that I have been buying by the barrel full here (that is our weakness) . I put some out in a bowl and its gone within the hour. Sneaky hands in this house!

    I love Meyer's as well and use their candles, counter spray and hand soap. I love the lavender scent but want to try this apple soap. I have not seen it over here yet! Will take a look today when I hit the grocery store!

  2. I had to leave a comment. MY Hannah, 14 is also on a baby kick and the requests are that it has to be a girl. The other night I made a comment to my husband that she interpreted as sarcasm(but it was good natured ribbing)and she said.. "well there's goes our chances for another baby."

    I think I've commented a few times on here, but I am also a 40 something, stay at home mom to a little boy and also coming to grips with the fact that he is my last :( Maybe?? Ha!

    Enjoy your Blog.

  3. OH that Latte nailpolish looks fun!

    sandy toe

  4. So much to say...that etsy shope is adorable...and a bit dangerous I must say!:)
    Love Mrs. Meyers...have not seen apple!
    Glitter rocks
    We want another too...I like your answer!:)
    have a happy day pam

  5. I love those bags and the striped paper straws. I want some of the straws in blue. I am going to check out the etsy store now. I have got to get some of that Mrs. Meyer's scent. I always miss out when they have the special scents out. I love that polish and the name of it too! :)

  6. Ok...that text convo b/t you and your daughter is the SWEETEST thing ever! Haven't seen that jelly bean mixture. Need to tuck that idea away for next year. And really...who doesn't like glitter? Weird.

  7. I say YES to another baby and ALWAYS yes to glitter!! :D

  8. the lentil soup looks delish - does it come from Trader Joe's?

  9. Well, you know, Josie is all of 10 weeks old and my kids are already asking me if I'm pregnant again :) I'm so glad that they love babies!! I have found that the teens really enjoy the new babies (esp. the teen boys). I hope we have a few more. The OB says he's betting four more so we shall see. I hope he's right!! <3