Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sunday in NH

Rowing season is almost over.
This weekend is the Head of the Charles in Boston
and then the following weekend is the finals in Worcester.

This past Sunday's regatta was held in New Hampshire.
Steve had flown home Saturday night at midnight
and I woke up at 4:30 with Stephen to get him to his bus for NH.
Steve stayed home all day Sunday with the 3 kids 
and the puppy
and I was able to drive up to the regatta..alone.
I don't even think I put the radio on in the car.
I LOVED the silence.
Don't get me wrong..
I love the happy chaos in our house on a daily basis
but sometimes you just need a little peace.

I left the house at 6:30 a.m and drove the hour and a half to NH.
The sun was coming up as I drove through Boston.
And when I drove home..with Stephen..
Sunday night at the same time
just 12 hours later..
the sun was going down.

It was a beautiful day.
Typical fall day in New England.
One minute I'm bundling up my coat
then next I'm ripping it off.

Crossing the finish line.
They finished 14th out of 36 boats.
Really good for our little club!
We race against big time prep and private schools!
And look at the foliage!!

These regattas are all day events.
The kids are usually on the bus by 5:30am to travel to the venue.
The bring pillows, sleeping bags, homework
and they all pig pile together on the ground.

The parents do the food.
There is a lot of food to prepare/bring/set up/cook.
And a lot of kids and parents to feed.
Somehow it all gets done.
Sunday I helped out.
And it's funny..
we'll whisper to each other..
"look at so and so schools set up
They've really got it going on!"

It was a fabulous day!
It was so great to spend time alone with Stephen.
He's such a great kid.
We're so proud of you!


  1. Hi Pam! Great pictures, I actually felt like I was there. I miss the East Coast Fall. The trees and mountains are picturesque with all the foliage. The air is a bit crisper! Ahhh... Its just not the same out here in California. I remember going to those races as well, as my college roommate rowed crew!

    I showed your blog to one of my girlfriends who is looking to get a puppy. She laughed so hard at the post "a few things I love about my new puppy." Basically, she is going to wait a bit :)


  2. what a totally 'new england' post this is, pam ... love it - and love that you got the much-needed break, too ;-)

  3. Loved reading this!
    xoxo Dianne

  4. Awesome pictures; picture perfect weekend. It's so nice to be outside when we still can... I love the fall trees in the background.

  5. Sounds like our volleyball tourney days...but with much better scenery! I think I could really love that sport. If we only had water nearby!

  6. Ohhhh...the NE scenery! I miss it. Your pictures rock, girl! Love the perspective on these. And I have to laugh at that last one. Looks like the boys stopped in their tracks to stare over at that boat filled with pink. ;)