Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Few Things I Just LOVE About My New Puppy

1. That he just puked all over my car
2. The chewing
3. The biting
4. My pooper-scooper
5. That my days are spent entirely around waiting for him to pee/poop
6. Vet bills
7. Every time I load the dishwasher, he is RIGHT there to lick the dirty dishes
8. That instead of  drinking the water I just put in his bowl, he has to carry the bowl somewhere else..and by the time he gets there..the water has spilled all over the floor. Every.Time.
9. Did I mention watching him EVERY second of the day to make sure he's not
peeing/pooping in the house?
10. When I walk into my house, it smells like a dog lives here.

He's really lucky he's cute.


  1. He is REALLY REALLY cute. And you are right-he better be because all of that would drive me batty too. :)

  2. Ahhhh...the joys!
    And he is really sooo cute!

  3. this is not exactly music to my ears, pam ... hope our future pooch has cute points too ;-)
    ziggy, btw ... so so soooooo cute, oh that face!!

  4. It'll get easier! Are you crate training him? I think that's the easiest way to handle the house training. Good luck. He is some kinda cute! Gretchen

  5. funny.... and he IS soooooo cute!

  6. Did you know that you can give a dog Dramamine to help with car sickness. My Vet gave it the a-ok. :-) Hope that helps with the puking in the car, because Lord knows I've had my fair share of that with Bailey-boy!

  7. hi pam.....i know soooo well what you're going through. it does pass...but, unfortunately, takes time. we have a 5 yr old wheaten terrier....our first pedigree. we chose this breed because my daughter and grandson have asthma and wheatens don't shed and are great with kids. she is "now" the the sweetest, most wonderful dog, but....don't took about two years for her to completely settle down. besides being wild, hating her crate and chewing everything.... my dining rm chairs, toys, shoes, the handle on a friend's LOUIS VUITTON!!!!....she also ate her own poop!!!!!! did you hear that....her own poop!!!! she even liked the taste of the bitter spray and apple cider viengar!! we had a trainer come once a week for a bit. he assured us the poop thingy was normal and the terrier gene in her was what made her a little stubborn. but....he promised....swore up and would pass and she would be the best dog we ever had. we needed to be patient. well...he was right and believe me it took a tremendous amount of patience and love.(tears on occasion) stick it out pam. finley (dog) is now my shadow. she seems to sense how i'm feeling and acts accordingly. she's wonderful with kids...doesn't chew or eat anything she shouldn't and has become a big part of our family. your dog is one of the best breeds out there for families. it will work out. xxx fanci a glass of vino can't hurt to help the time pass :-)

  8. He is beyond cute!! I remember those days. It doesn't last long. Soon he'll get it all down, and he'll just blend into your routine.

  9. oh.....want to know where you stayed in nyc.....algonquin again???

    another thought on the grandson was 3 when we got fin. santa brought her for christmas. he's now 8......they have an amazing bond growing up together. xxxxx fanci

  10. well Nelly is a year old and is still chewing, nipping, and pooping in the house. she never ate her own poop, but I think that Erin's dog did. just hang in there. I know that you can do it! and that little thing is really stinking cute, if it doesnt' work out we will take him;)

  11. is just the cutest thing!! I do not envy the training, but he IS just the cutest thing!!

  12. tee heee...I've spoken those very words about the Little Ballerina many times.

    Yes...luckily Ziggy is VERRRRRRYYYYYY cute!!!

  13. Sounds a lot like my day to day with Eliza :)