Monday, October 24, 2011


Homecoming games and dances
More ballet

House work
Yard work
Caramel apples
Head of the Charles
Picking ticks off Ziggy

More ballet
More ticks
Homemade Chinese food
Done with driving school
You know what that means 

Halloween cupcakes
and decorations 
and costumes

It was 36 degrees this morning when I drove Stephen to rowing.
I put the heat on.
First time this season.
And.. I have 2 kids home sick today.
We'll be drinking lots of tea with honey.


  1. My thoughts are with you regarding driving school completion. :) Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  2. I adore absolutely everything on your weekending list, pam, but yikes, ticks?!?! i never even thought of those ... hmmmm, note to self - our pup needs to stay indoors forever!

    btw, we also just today turned on the heat for the first time - crazy late, huh?! sorry @ 2 kids home sick, that stinks!!

  3. I keep wanting to copy your weekending-list post.... but don't like to copy exactly, you know? Oh, and Ziggy is getting so big..... and adorable!

  4. Oh no....hope everyone is feeling better. I love it when we turn the heat on. The house seems so cozy. Love your weekends and that fluffy little puppy.

  5. Griffy looks as if he is having more fun than anyone!!

  6. Love seeing Hannah and Griffy, and of course that cute puppy too. :) Your apples look drenched in caramel and SO good.

  7. We have had the heat on a few times already...but today it is in the 70's!
    Gotta love fall!
    love that puppy, but ticks stink
    griffy is getting so big
    have a happy day pam

  8. did I not know that ballet is a big part of your life too? Are you in the middle of rehearsals too?

    Caramel apples AND cupcakes? My kids would definitely crown you mother of the year! What method did you use for your caramel apple? Old fashioned melting the individual caramels or something different? They look goooooood!

    Hope everyone is feeling better.