Tuesday, November 1, 2011

trying to get it together

I cannot get my act together.
And I'm blaming it all on the dog.
Basic things like
keeping my house clean
making out my weekly menus
cooking dinner
taking a shower...
they've all taken a back seat to the dog.
When people see that we have a puppy
they all compare it to having a newborn.
To me it's nothing like a newborn.
I LOOOOOVE newborns.
I'm not loving this dog right now.
Maybe someday I will.
Right now I'm still trying to 
adjust to having an animal in my home.

Damn Dog.

Halloween was fun.
Different now though.
Stephen doesn't go out.
Hannah goes out with her friends.
Griffy had no interest in wearing a costume.
Will (9) is the perfect age if you ask me.

This is Will going to school.
Normally I don't buy junk cereal..
we usually save it for New Years Eve..
but I thought, "what the heck"
they're going to be booted up on sugar anyway.
What's a little more for breakfast.

So on Sunday I decided I was tired of winging it every night
for dinner and needed to get back to my menus.
Can I tell you how psyched I am that I know
what we're having for dinner for the next week?
Weird I know, but it makes me happy.
Griffin and I even made my Nana's 
cranberry nut bread yesterday.
I love making that bread.
Hazel was smiling down at me yesterday..
I just know it.
It's so good with a bit of cream cheese on it
and a cup of tea of course.

Dinner tonight
2 Soups and a salad.
I made a Minestrone in my crockpot this morning
and tried a new Butternut squash soup.
This one is from the Morning Glory Farm Cookbook
(it's on my sidebar)
It's one of my favorites now.
Loving the drizzle of Pumpkin Seed Oil for garnish.



  1. PAM!
    How was the meeting about the dog? A friend that I complained to about our new life with a dog said, "that's real living" - fur, dirty floors, confusion, etc... I am trying too and dogs are NOTHING like babies.
    I agree with you.

  2. Hey Pam! I know you may not want to hear this, but Ziggy is just so darn cute! Guess he's lucky he has that going for him?

  3. I love those eyeball lights in that glass jar. I've got to get some of those. I love that old recipe on the card that you have. Those are the best.

    Sorry about the damn dog! :)

  4. Hi Pam! I totally feel the same way today. I am exhausted from all the Halloween Hoopla and life that I could seriously go to bed and its only 5:00 here. I'm even to tired to post about Halloween. I'm just reading other blogs and procrastinating on making dinner.

    Sorry about Ziggy, I also think babies are easier than puppies ;)

    Can I grab some of your yummy looking soup and serve it up here? It would make my day easier :)

  5. Ziggy is so cute though :) Have you considered a board and train?? I really wanted to do that with our dog after we came home from China with Lucy, I have heard great things...just a thought!

    Love Nana's recipe card...and I must find pumpkin seed oil!

  6. I agree with Dawn...look into a doggie boot camp.
    I can't find the soup recipe on your side bar?
    Is it just me?

  7. Oh now I see, it is the book, not the recipe!

  8. I have a Grandma Hazel! Glad you are on top of your week. I am the same way, I love to know what I am cooking. Your dog is so cute, but I am sure it is so hard to have a puppy in the house. One day at a time...

  9. don't even start me on the major life changes that come with a puppy, holy smokes it's huge! good thing for BOTH of our pups that's they're absolutely adorable!! hey, you're doing better than me if makes you feel any better - at least you're cooking! and btw, I love love LOVE the name hazel!!

  10. Don't kill me but he is so cute. :) I know thought, cute doesn't always cut it!!! Your soup looks delicious!

  11. Pam! Get it together, ha ha. Judging by that pic of Ziggy, you've got a mellow old soul, enjoy him, you could have had a wild maniac completely destroying your house - you lucked out! It gets so much easier, but the dirt, it kind of never goes away, sorry ......

    ps. he knows you hate him, so just get it over with and start loving him, he'll be better for it, you can do it!

  12. hehe...reading your posts is like deja vu. Bad deja vu. I could not stand dealing with the dog either. And her nickname was "damn dog" too! You are a kindred spirit, my friend. Total kindred spirit.

    I haven't eaten a decent meal since BSD left a month ago. It drives me nuts too not knowing what we're going to eat. I always feel better when I have a plan, but sadly, I rarely have a plan. Kindred spirit.

  13. love, love, love that you have your nana's recipe framed like that ♥

  14. I don't like Halloween :) And I'm not recovered from adding Josie to our house yet and she's 11 wks today!! I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas (except that's alot of work too but at least Brandon will be back!!). And I love menu planning. I plaster our menu on the fridge and have everything purchased for the week by Sunday afternoon. It's a fabulous feeling, I agree!!

  15. Oh Pam, but he is soooooo cute!:) You know we are Golden lovers and when we get a fuzzy friend (someday far away!)he will certainly be a golden, so I love all the furry pics of him.
    Glad you are making those meal plans again...cooking helps you...cleaning helps me!
    have a happy day pam

  16. Cracking up about the dog. Babies are really way better, I agree. It will be better soon. There is certainly a time and place for junk cereal...perfect if you ask me. We always have ours at the beach. Love the soups and the cranberry nut bread. Yummo! Enjoy your week!