Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

Wow we were young..
only married about 2 months
and had seen him about 1 week.
Oh if I only knew then
how hard it would be to 
be a military wife.
A pilot's wife.
For the next 8 years
our life revolved around
deployments and being "out in the field"
the PX and class 6
dity moves and The Stars and Stripes.

Steve flew apache helicopters in the Army.
He went to Bosnia for 6 months when Stephen was just a baby.
He loved every minute of it.
I think he misses it.
I don't.

I'm still in contact with some friends we made
all those years ago in the military.
Some of them are still in.
Some of them have lost a spouse.
It's them that I think about today.

When we were nearing the end of our tour in Germany
Steve put in for an extension.
We loved living overseas.
It was denied.
A few months later
while getting stationed in Ft. Knox KY
Steve heard that the guy who took his slot in Germany
was killed in his helicopter.
Steve's helicopter.
I think of his wife and children today.

Thank you.
To all who have served our country.


  1. Oh wow, this is so moving. You guys look like such babies in that picture. Thank you Steve and thank you Pam for supporting him through his years of service. Behind every Veteran is a family and that is so powerful. You give me a lot to think about and to be thankful for today.

  2. What a great post, Pam. God bless you guys today and always. And prayers for your friends.


  3. wow, that's a pretty chilling story, pam ... makes me extra thankful to have the life i do - and i owe it all to folks like your hubby, hope you all are having a wonderful holiday today ... and ps, such a sweet pic!

  4. It hardly seems adequate, but thank you for all that your family does.

  5. I got chills reading this! Much, much too close for comfort. Having been "married" to the military for many years myself I so relate to the other aspects of your story. BSD is not IN the military anymore either, but his work supports the military so we still live it.

    You look like high schoolers in that picture! :)

  6. What an unbelievable story Pam!!
    thankful to your hubby for all he does.
    have a happy day

  7. This was an amazing post Pam.
    I'm so thankful for Steve and other men and women like him.