Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Right Now..

I'm loving my white tree in the dining room
trimmed with jewel tones!

 We're happy that Buddy the elf is back!

I'm proud!
Stephen received the  Outstanding Sportsmanship award 
at his rowing banquet.

It's warm.
Too warm.
I want snow!

We're knee deep in Nutcracker performances.
We've got 16 of them this year!

...I'm wearing out the Christmas Radio station on Pandora.
And my George Winston December CD..

...I'm happy!
Happy it's December!
Happy to be
for all things Christmas!!


  1. Oh Pam, I love all things Christmas too!!
    But i'm ok with the snow yet for me. but on Christmas Eve please if possible:)
    have a happy day Pam (or HAPPIER I should say!)

  2. Hi Pam I too love all things Christmas! This time of year I love to put the baby down for her nap, get a cup of hazelnut coffee, turn on Pandora, and start my holiday list making! Our little elf Zip has returned as well. Enjoy this wonderful season. It will pass as quickly as it came!

  3. I love your tree! You have such good taste!

  4. wow am i ever glad i stopped over - i LOVE the new header, I LOVE the decor all over your house (fyi, i also use that same ballard cheetah ribbon to trim at x'mas time - will the similarities never end?!), LOVE that your cute kids are out there on stage and winning sportsmanship awards, LOVE to see how much ziggy has grown (wow!) ... it's all so jolly and merry over here!! we are making the switch to christmas this coming weekend - can't wait!!

  5. Its nice to see December. . I'm felling the love!

    It's been warm here too. . .too warm !

    The white tree, love!!

  6. George Winston is one of my all time favorites too! That is the CD to listen to, to completely fill your heart with peace. Love it.

  7. are fully into the season! Love the white tree....want one over here! Congrats to Stephen. And wow...16 performances. Whew! Enjoy!

  8. Me too, love this time of year! Your white tree is GORGEOUS, love the jewel tones!! Love the Nutcracker and congratulations to Stephen!! I want snow too!! :)

  9. ps LOVE the new header too! :)

  10. Congratulations to Stephen! That is wonderful. Love the Nutcracker picture. LOVE your white tree. It is gorgeous!

  11. Hi Pam! I love your dining room tree... so classy! Enjoy the magic of the season... seems like you already are! Nothing like a Nutcracker performance from your daughter to get into the spirit of things! Enjoy your Friday, tara

  12. I am SO loving your white tree!!!

  13. SIXTEEN SHOWS!?!? WOWZERS! We only have 8 and that feels like a million with all the dress rehearsals and such. I can't imagine!

    Way to go, Stephen! What an honor! :)

    Love that pic of Griffy on the beach. And I have a collection of Byer's carolers too. :)

  14. wow, Pam, I don't know how you do it!! Congrats to Stephen, what an honor!! Hannah will be awesome in the Nutcracker. Love your we nee a pic of the chairs! an don't forget to frame that pic of Griffy!! hugs, cathy