Wednesday, November 9, 2011


...It was 66 degrees and sunny
Perfect day for a walk and catch falling leaves.
(photo taken using the instagram app on my iphone)

...I'm roasting chicken for dinner
with mashed potatoes
and stuffing 
and gravy
I guess I couldn't wait until Thanksgiving.

...My patience is running thin with the dog.
Yesterday between running him to the vet and Hannah to the pediatrician
he puked all over the car.
And that's not even the worst of it.
Because you know what he did next?
He ate it.
And then I almost threw up.

...A friend sent me this message..
"if Michelle Duggar can have baby #20 at 45
there's hope for us"


  1. Hi Pam! Beautiful pictures! We had a beautiful fall day out here today as well. There was a certain magic in the air and I wish I had my camera with me.

    Dinner sounds yummy and filling. I am making a chicken dish for dinner tonight as well.

    Sorry about puppy :( It will get easier, keep that mantra in mind!

  2. Oh dear Lord, is she really on baby #20?!??! Now I need to throw up. Ziggy must have heard you reading that quote in the car.

    Glad you're enjoying these warm days we're getting thrown every now and then. They keep me sane too.

  3. Gorgeous photos! I love them. Sorry about the dog. I hate to admit, I can't handle a dog and a kid at the same time. I have no patience. I hope it does get better! :)

  4. I am so excited for the Duggars!! LOVE them! Great parents, no debt, volunteer in 3rd world countries regularly. What's not to like? I'm only on baby number 10 and hope that we are half the parents that the Duggars are. Sorry about the dog, Pam :(

  5. Puppies are a lot of work. You can do it though, I know it before you know it he will be a lazy dog just laying on the floor. Love the pictures!

  6. Are you throwing in the towel? I've never had a puppy, but I can't imagine it would be good for either of us.
    Is that an announcement? Hmmm.

  7. oh, pam, that sounds really awful about the pup - blech! we're still awaiting the puke thing from isabel, but she tends to sniff her fresh poop right up close and personal and it reeeeeeally grosses me out, i'm just waiting for the day she actually licks it ... or worse ... so so gross ...

    and PS - hasn't this week been unbelievable?! soaking in every minute ;-)

  8. I wish anyone with kids and a new puppy lots of luck & patience. I'll never be that cute mom with kids & a retriever in tow. Too ocd about disorder, chaos & the stuff that comes out of dogs. Stuff that comes out of my kids I can handle! Watched the Duggar show on Tues when they made their announcement. I dont judge them for having 20 kids, and really think that it must be in God's plan for them. And despite the fact that their a 'reality show' family, I think their going to be one of the few who remain true to what they stand for. Unlike John & Kate + 8 - John •\• divorce = sad.

  9. Blahahah! Sorry. I promise I wasn't laughing at you. ;-) Dogs are gross. Where do you let Ziggy sit in the car when you are driving around? I found with my goldendoodle that sitting up front where he can visually see what is ahead of him has helped- a lot. I take it real easy when I speed up, slow down, and real real easy around corners. Also try to drive him around on an empty stomach, it won't hurt him to be hungry in the morning if you skip his breakfast for a few hours. If all else fails bring a crappy towel to put down so he can puke on that. Dinner sounded yummy on a happy note!

  10. I love dogs but I did wonder why you wanted to add one to the mix. Your life seems so busy right now. If it helps, things with the dog will get easier with time. :)
    The pics of Griffy are wonderful!!!!
    xo Dianne

  11. Gross.... sounds like you need a puppy vacation. So sorry, but your weather sounds lovely and the dinner delish!