Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Annual Christmas Card Photo Shoot Smack Down

Ok I'm kinda obsessed with cranberries lately.
Seriously..the pumpkin had October.
Let's give the cranberry some love.
I found this goat cheese wrapped in cranberries at Trader Joe's
It has basically been my dinner for the past few nights.
My sister in law emailed me a recipe for lemon cranberry muffins that I need to try.
And who doesn't love a Cape Codder every now and then?
Loving all things cranberry right now.

So, we had our annual "Christmas card photo shoot smack down"
at the beach this past weekend.
I say smack down because with out a doubt
every year
there is a smack down.
Someone with out a doubt
ends up
ticked off


Every year I BEG and PLEAD
(me tickling Will so he'll smile)

(Stephen wanting to leave because he see's someone he knows)

(Griffy sneezing
Hannah wiping it off her leg
Steve telling her to relax it's just your brothers baby snot.)

Believe me..
I could go on and on with the photos
but I'll spare my family the embarrassment.

I sit them down and say...
once a year..
once a year
you need to stand next to us and smile
Is it too much to ask?

the holidays are here.
And my Christmas card is done.


  1. Same story here! I'm glad the puppy made the family picture. Seems like a sign things are going better!
    Happy holidays are upon us!

  2. i am familiar with the christmas card photo shoot smackdown. intimately familiar.

  3. Oh Pam are session last year was truly the worst ever. I think. Maybe my memory is deceiving me. I swear the older the kids get it gets harder to get that one great picture. I LOVE the first one!

  4. dying to know who is snapping the shots of all 6 of you?! and whether the winner is #1 here or the one from your weekending post ... both are FAB - worth every minute of smackdown!

    loved your outtakes ... hilarious! I have zillions just like those from over the years ... many with actual tears!! it typically takes a smackdown from me, h'ween candy as bribery, and about 90 trys to get "the one" ... and, like you, worth every bit of torture in the end ;-)

  5. We have got to get a family photo for our Christmas cards this year. We haven't done it yet this year, or ever. Love the outtake photos tho! :)

    I want that goat cheese w/ cranberries. Yum!

  6. These photos are worth a smackdown! Just precious...and think of the memories you are making!! xoxoxo

  7. Here's a test comment.



  8. Cape Codder? Yes, please. I love the cranberry!

    We just took our pics and it seems we had the same experience!

  9. I love the funny side comments regarding the pictures and that you remembered what was exactly happening in that moment. We had a family reunion this summer and had some professional pictures taken and it's hilarious to see the different expressions on all the kid's faces.

    Every year we take a family shot for our Christmas card as well. We always find a spot among the redwoods and bring our tripod and shoot away. It's amazing how my husband always manages to get back to us and posed before the camera clicks away. I love Christmas cards that show the whole family as I love seeing how everyone looks from year to year!

  10. All of the pictures are wonderful as they capture your family as they are at that moment. My favorite family photo is the one we did for my parents 50th anniversary-6 out of 7 siblings with Mom & Dad laughing away and swatting the horseflies off us as we sat in the dunes in Chatham-priceless!
    Love your outfit-great style!

  11. I have had same experience over the years and finally decided the one picture we get of everyone, no matter where we are, good shot or bad, is the winner. If they don't like it, they might get the hint. They now try to please me. they just do it. Yes, they gripe after but they do it;) Has anyone ever looked back years later and said I wish mom never made us do that. No, never, they all tell a story.
    Hearing we have to get our yearly photo-too many gray hairs to count.
    Picking a day and time all can make it-too many wrinkles to count.
    Seeing the finished photo-priceless!!!
    Holidays are here. Memories in the making. I wouldn't change a thing. So much to be thankful for.

  12. the sisterhood of the christmas photo......been there...gettting ready to do it again.......Aaaaaa the Holidays! Thanks for keeping it real...... :)

  13. Thanks for the cranberry goat cheese tip, got some yesterday, YUMMMMMM!!!