Sunday, November 6, 2011


Friday night Pizza
Cars 2
Glass of wine with Kate
Walks on the cranberry bog
Lots of ballet
Lots of piano playing
thankful leaves
Steve cooking dinner all weekend
Christmas card photo shoot

I have to add this.
Every weekend I start freaking out about 
all that needs to get done.
Steve is usually packing for a trip
and I'm screaming..
"but the yard work..
the dump..
who is driving to Cambridge..
the Christmas picture needs to be taken..
and on and on and on.
And every weekend Steve looks at me
and says..."it'll get done"
And it always does.
He's my rock.
And I'm thankful for him.


  1. Jesse always says that to me too. And it does get done. <3

  2. Husbands that are rocks are a good thing! Sounds like you have a great rock in your life. :)

    Beautiful photo!

  3. Does this mean that Ziggy is permanently part of the family? I mean, part of the Christmas card, that's real.

  4. What a precious picture pam!!
    have a happy night

  5. ok, seriously?! FOUR kids AND a puppy and your x'mas photo looks like that?! It's soooooo good - congrats on a great shot!! hope you've been enjoying these amazing sunny days lately ... wish we could get together to walk the pups ;-)