Monday, November 14, 2011


My mom and sister
and her 3 kids came to visit this weekend.
We have so much fun when we're all together.
We celebrated little Richie's 7th birthday
with a candy cake!

I made salmon for dinner with 
this yummy couscous salad.

Sunday morning we all piled in to two cars
and went to Michael's. 
Who takes 6 kids into Michael's?
My 50% off Martha Stewart coupon
was just burning a whole in my pocket.
I bought the star punch to make luminaries.
I am so psyched!
(sad, I know)

Then we all went out to lunch
and my mom bought me an early birthday present.
Thanks Mom!
My feet are happy!
thanks for coming to visit!
The house is just too quiet.


  1. Micheal's + kids = brave. I cannot take kids into hobby lobby. Like bulls in a china shop. There's always a risk of having to buy a broken vase because they're all piled sky high and precariously balanced. At least in micheal's there's just a lot of begging for crafts we don't need. Glad your weekend was good pam:)

  2. That candy cake looks like a kid's dream! So fun :)

    I am taking it that you got your ugg slippers. I love mine! My kids tend to steal them a lot and I find them in the strangest places.

    Happy Monday!

  3. Six kids in Michael's could have been a disaster.
    And thanks for your Veteran's Day post. Many of us never know the sacrifice of those serving.

  4. ha! i have this same couscous recipe bookmarked ;-) sounds like a great weekend (minus the candy cake - since i'm trying to sober up, y'know!) ... don't leave me hanging on the new pre-birthday footwear though ... photo, please!

  5. I love when the house is filled with lots of kids...the fun and the laughter...then they all go home!!!:) That sound of quiet is the best ever!!
    have a happy day pam!

  6. Candy cake :) that is still Lucy's favorite Tracy video :)

  7. A candy cake for a birthday days after Halloween? Perfect!

    I'm actually off to Michael's. Going to get a few Christmas trimmings. LB talked me into getting out the stockings and the Nutcrackers last night. We are zooming full-speed ahead towards Christmas around here. :)