Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today Around the House

What we're playing...
lots of trains and blocks

What I'm decorating..
this armoire was first in our dining room for years..then the study for arts/crafts/school stuff and this past weekend we moved it up to our bedroom.

What I'm eating..
still loving the 2 bean vegetarian chile from the cleanse. I'll post the recipe on my other blog. Griffy loves it!

What I'm listening to...
I love Pandora. My tv is never on during the day except for the Barney DVD for Griffy in the morning and then I'm ready to throw the tv and Barney out the window.

What I'm reading...
by Matthew Kelly. Never read him before but you can bet I'll be reading a few more of his writings. And you know how I love to look in people's fridges? Well, I love looking at what's in their bookshelves...

What's on my To Do list for this year...
a lot.

What are you doing/reading/decorating/eating/listening to? :)


  1. Mmmmm that soup looks yummy!
    Griffin is making me chillier than I already am!
    Is that an anthopologie bowl I see?

    Today we are playing lots of games...I'm reading My Life On The Run...getting ready to decorate our small sunroom, eating less...and listening to my new Zach Brown CD...sounds very regae...thinking of warmer weather!

  2. I have been hoping to find a book about my faith that discusses ideas and theology in laymen's terms. Would you recommend this book? Has it been a good read? The title pretty much hits the nail on the head in terms of what I'm hoping for. I will look it up. Thanks.

  3. Hmm...I'm cleaning, or should be! Took a 5 minute break, listening to "Kesha" on Pandora to keep me going. I'm decorating my bedroom, master bath, and hallway. I'm eating too much crap these days and need to try this cleanse! I'm reading O Magazine, and need to wrap myself in a good book. Cheers to a Tuesday that feels like a Monday!

  4. Love this blog post!! :) Another good read about Catholicism is Rome Sweet Home by Scott Hahn.

  5. Loved perusing your books. I have "The Alchemist" (an all-time fave) "Scarlett" (an all-time letdown).

    I love your hutch, and every time I see that pic from your wedding, I smile.

    A little advice on the chairs--I have all-black kitchen chairs. I love that they're black, but the seats show EVERYTHING!!!!! If I had had the choice (I bought them black seven years ago now), I would have left the seats wood-stained. Much easier to keep clean.

  6. Love Griffin's thighs!!!

    I'll have to read that book. It's sounds like you're enjoying it.

    Great to do list. Lots of good decorating stuff :)

  7. I am in the middle of a kitchen redo, new antelope carpet in the master bedroom and painting in my studio every chance I get. It is keeping me sane in the middle of this mahem.
    BTW...love Griffey's thighs. :)

  8. I love this post Pam...I think I will post all my doing/reading/decorating...etc over there...hope you don't mind if I copy??

    P.S. the armoire looks Great!! Griffy's thighs, delicious, the chili, yummy, your to do list, long! xoxo

  9. Pam
    I am reading about composting-I may try it. I've been eating vegan since Oct. I did it for a cleanse and haven't stopped. Listening mostly to classical these days. I haven't been decorating but cleaning out closets. I love to purge!!!

  10. glad to see that someone else's to do list is also longer than one page! I have a list like yours, a room-by-room wish list of general house maintenance or decor improvements. It's the list I prefer to look at b/c my other list is the 'must' list ... the appts, the volunteer work, the bills and piles and planning ... ugh - so not my thing!

    ps - don't think for a minute that cheetah chair behind Griffy went unnoticed - LOVE!

  11. I linked to you. Come see what I'm doing! :)

  12. The book looks really interesting. I'm due for a little reading on Catholicism - it's been a while since my 12 years of Catholic school! Thanks for posting about it.