Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Comfort Food and a Giveaway!!

This is perhaps my family's favorite meal. Barefoot Contessa's chicken stew with biscuits. It is pure comfort food. Obviously not on my cleanse but being the happy homemaker I am, I made it for my family and I suffered through yet another salad. I also brought some over to my neighbor who brought me firewood and more importantly, wine during our power outage recently. Yes, I know, wine is also not on the cleanse but was a power outage ok?? Anyway, try this recipe. Your family will love you...I promise.

And the sweet Amber at Timeless Treasures is offering you guys a $30 gift to anything in her etsy shop! She is so talented! Thank you Amber! Visit her shop and leave me a comment. I'll announce the winner on Friday! 

We are expecting more snow tonight! Steve is flying home early today which of course we're happy about.

Falling Snow

See the pretty snowflakes
Falling from the sky;
On the wall and housetops,
Soft and thick they lie.

On the window ledges
On the branches bare
Now how fast they gather
Filling all the air.

Look into the garden
Where the grass was green.
Covered by the snowflakes
Not a blade is seen.

Now the bare black bushes
All look soft and white
Every twig is laden
What a pretty sight!

Author Unknown


  1. Does this mean I need the charm "A child born, a grandma made?" Maybe so!
    And my family loves this meal (need to try that recipe).
    What about Griffy? When did he turn into a kid?

  2. I agree Pam, all of a sudden Griffy is not little anymore!
    I just visited Timeless Treasures...what cute jewelry! I like the birdie earrings!

  3. Um, I need that meal RIGHT NOW! Getting Hannah on that one :)

  4. Visited her Etsy shop and saw many things I liked. Your meal looks delish! I also see a little man that looks delish! He has grown so fast!

  5. Love the stuff in her etsy shop - thanks for hosting a giveaway, what fun!! And as for the recipe ... YUM!! With the forecast looking white once more, I'd better had over the the grocery store - right now!!

  6. Thank you for the opportunity. GREAT give away...and I'll be over for comfort food SOON!

  7. that chicken dish is calling my name- i love ina! also love that "be mine" bracelet......

  8. that recipe looks so good! Thanks for sharing a favorite. :) Very cool creations Amber!

  9. Do you double it, Pam? Or was that one and a half? I think we'd have to double it.

  10. Looks kinds like the chicken and dumplings Dave made last week!! Yum!!
    Beautiful art work, thanks for hosting the giveaway!!
    I want that blessed mama necklace...bad!!!
    Enjoy the day

  11. Look so yummy and yes great comfort food. are such a great mother and wife!

    Amber visited your site and love your pieces; you are a great artist. :)

  12. Yum! Good job on that cleanse! I'm with Cindy, I want that blessed mama necklace!

  13. Timeless treasures...How super little statement pieces that actually make a statement.
    .....and I'm absolutely about to make that chicken dish

  14. please pass the stew & biscuits... yum.

    i just peeked at amber's etsy shop - please put my name in the hat! ♥

  15. Darn you!
    Now I'm back to being inspired to cook again! :)
    ...and...I just LOVE etsy shopping....:) I'm in!

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  17. Stay warm!
    Amber is very talented!

  18. the poem and that Griffy is a little no more!! Wow her jewelry is great...I'd love to win!!! Yumo on the chicken!!

    Deborah and the gang♥

  19. Pam -
    Her stamped charms are so cool. I'm dreaming of what I put on one.... LUCKY!.... perhaps?! :)

  20. Pick me, pick me!!
    (The chicken stew looks so delicious. )
    xoxo Gretchen

  21. Yes, yes, yes! Megan left a msg on my blog. We do need to connect soon! I'm feeling it!!!

    PS ~ love the new office, that color is perfect!

  22. Thanks for the recipe, looks amazing!

  23. Hi Pam, well I love the way this recipe looks so totally yummy and hearty! I Thank you for sharing it with us and yes, in the words of Gretch, pick me!!! xoxo

  24. Ok, thought you were giving away the recipe!! oops. oh my! Your friend is talented! Again, pick me!!

  25. Love Barefoot Contessa ~ Love stamped jewelery :)

    ~Andrea in NH

  26. LOVE that your neighbor brought you wine during the power outage. Very important! :) That chicken stew looks fabulous. I am going over there now to check out her recipe. I've never made any of Barefoot Contessa's recipes, have always thought they might be a little difficult. I definitely want to try this one! Great snow pictures too. Following your blog now. :)

  27. You are a complete and devoted homemaker, Pam. I am happy to see mothering and tending for a family bring you so much joy. I knew you when the seeds were first being planted, and now I see the fruit of your love on your blog. It warms my heart. REmember when we went to see Little Women together when it first came out in theaters? We lived near each other for such a short time, but I have great memories :)

  28. Pam...this looks soo delicious!!
    Amber...LOVE your necklaces..count me in!!

  29. Comfort food in the Winter is the BEST! I've not tried that recipe, but my boys like pot-pie, so maybe they'd like it!
    I hope you found your way out of all that snow! :0

  30. yum - I have not made that particular recipe in a long time, but my family does love it. They also love her beef pot pie from one of her earlier cookbooks. time to revisit Ina!

  31. Cute stuff. Love comfort food on these cold winter evenings and of course I love wine anytime :)

  32. Those look so yum!

    And cute jewelry!