Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Footy Pajamas and Mac and Cheese

This used to be Hannah's little kitchen. Griffy now loves to cook while I cook. Do you keep your kids toys in the kitchen?  I keep a basket of toys in the family room and I usually end up dragging them in the kitchen so he can play while I cook.

Notice Griffy's feet? Steve cuts the feet off the footy pajamas. Drives me nuts.

Will's home! Griff runs to the door when he hears the bus. Notice he's still in his pajamas at 2:15. I swear to you I'm not. Really.

I really forgot how messy 18 month old babies are. It's times like these when I'd like a dog. To clean up all the food that Griffin has thrown on the floor. Do you know what is the grossest thing to clean off the floor? Mac and cheese. It just doesn't want to be picked up. It sticks and rolls around the floor. Gross. What's even better is when I'm down on my hands and knees cleaning up all the gross mac and cheese and Griffin, still in his high chair, starts throwing it at me. Thats awesome.


  1. I think if I was cleansing myself I'd be so hungry I might just eat that mac n chees up off the floor! :))

    Great photos.

  2. At least he will be able to wear the pj's longer without the feet in them!

    I always kept one cupboard in the kitchen for my son...so he could put some toys in it. Now, he uses it for paper, stickers, junk. I think it's time to reclaim my cupboard back!

    Cute picture of Griffy looking out the door at Will!

  3. Ah yes, the 18 month old could easily showcase the daily condition of the kitchen floor, right? I keep a bin or two of toys in our big island cabinet. Playdough, kitchen toys for them, little crafts, fun markers, etc. It helps!

  4. we have a VERY similar play kitchen...
    {ours has sort of a hutch on top}
    does it say "made by elves & angels" on the back?
    it was emily's 15 years ago, i think it's from maine.
    ned plays with it now.
    love it, still.

    i'm with steve on the footy p.j.s... i never bought them for my kids because i can't stand them. too sweaty, too confining... my feet must be FREE!

    i ate almost a whole bag of cheese puffs today.
    i think i need a cleanse ♥

  5. And why does he cut the feet off? Isn't it cold there?
    That pic of your little boys is perfect. I love Will's face. Who's happier to see who?

  6. I have that same play kitchen! I got it with Katie 10 years ago. It has really gone the distance. I regret not getting the washing machine when I had the chance. They don't make it anymore :( I keep some of the stuff *in* the play kitchen but we also have two baskets of stuff seperate. My best friend owns a children's toy store (with great wooden stuff) so I have so much great stuff for the kitchen!

  7. Just leave the mac 'n cheese on the floor, and the rice, too! A couple of hours later, they'll be hard and you can sweep them up! LOL! It's either that or a dog!

  8. adorable, cleaning up mac and cheese while it's falling on you. Can't beat that! I love the jammies!

  9. Oh he's SO cute. I wish you could bring him over to play!

  10. Anna will have nothing to do with the feet on her pjs...I'm lucky if I can get her to wear clothes at all! Cute kitchen. We have one from Magic Cabin, but I think I like the NOVA ones better...

  11. cutest picture ever of little brother greeting big brother at the door! How's the snowfall down there? Ours it wet wet wet - like branches bent down to the ground wet - not expecting to keep power for too much longer :-(

  12. My mother in law cut the feet off of the feet of a pair of one of my kids pj's when she was babysitting once. Couldn't pass that pair down and I've never forgotten that she did that while I was gone. I'm glad I'm not crazy to be bugged by it :)

  13. One of my LEAST favorite parenting duties has to be highchair cleanup duty. I swear, I'd choose a dirty diaper over having to clean up the cemented pasta (and god knows what else) out of the crevasses of that stupid Peg Perego highchair. And there are many, many crevasses. Just when you think you've gotten all of that gunk out of there, something else shows up.

    I, too, love being pelted with misc. food items whilst cleaning up under an occupied highchair. Fun. I hear you about the dog.