Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snowy Weekending

Snow day
Digging out
Just Dance 2
Sneak Peak at my New Sign
New Words
Date Night with Friends at Haddads
Lobster Rolls
French Martini's
So Cold
Best in Show
Busy Bee
Finished the Study
LOTS of Quality Family Time
Out with Friends
Deleting 3500 pictures
Last week of Cleanse
Hiding Green&Blacks
Kids Poker
Visiting Mom
New Favorite Band


  1. Oh come on in show!!! What!!!!!!!? You can't leave us hanging. Your weekend sure sounds full. I also want to see the study!

  2. Best in Show the movie Dianne! I'm trying to post the trailer..I'm a complete bonehead on the computer.

  3. Love the movie Best in Show!! I think I need a lesson in time management from you, Pam, I wouldn't know how to fit half of what you do into a single weekend - so much fun, we love Just Dance 2!!

  4. That movie is hilarious! You're talking about the oldish one, right? If there's a new one then I haven't a clue, lol. I am jealous of your snow! Oh, and I was going to tell you that Mary is starting Ballet class and her shoes came the other day. Anyway, she was very disappointed that they weren't toe shoes like Hannah's ;)

  5. Fab weekend! Love your sign and LOVE the movie.
    I love looking at Griffy's profile, and Hannah and Will dancing. Love you xoxox

  6. You could have a French Martini on your cleanse?
    I need to try your cleanse!
    Love Best in Show--funny,funny, funny!

  7. Love love love that sign, Pam. It reminds me of mine. You have to share where you got it, I just might have to treat myself to one and soon! BTW, Best in Show is the bomb! Love love love that movies, too! Hope you've dug out -- school tomorrow... ~ Suzanne

  8. Best in Show, was just getting to post about our weekend that included so many of these things! We just got a dance wii and it cracks me up to watch the girls do it! Love that sign. Cant' wait to see more and I SOOOOO want one! We are starting your cleanse on Monday! Yikes, hope we can do it!!
    Enjoy the night

  9. I noticed that sign as soon as I clicked on your blog! Do tell how you did it :)

  10. I want to see more of the sign. I also want to hug up the little Griffy and his Buzz Lightyear. He so much makes me think of my nephew at that age.