Monday, January 10, 2011

The Cleanse Update.

Not only do I love snooping around people's homes..I like to see what's in their fridge. Weird. I will probably never be invited to your house. So...the cleanse. I'm into week two now and I honestly feel really good. We had that one night on Saturday where we went off it a bit but went right back on it Sunday morning. Last week was hard. My body was not used to not eating/drinking. I was hungry all the time, cranky and had a constant headache. I don't feel any of that this week. Here is pretty much what I ate last week...Replaced cup of coffee with hot lemon water. I was used to drinking that anyway with my coffee. I missed my cup of coffee the first few days then I was over it. Breakfast..cup of steel cut oats with fruit. Mid morning snack..handful of almonds or cashews. Lunch...soup. I made a few from Martha's cleanse recipes and  they were surprisingly good and filling. Afternoon with almond butter. Dinner..usually salmon with lentils or quinoa or just a salad with grilled chicken. That's it. And I drank a ton of lemon water all day long.

This week we can slowly add some foods back, yogurt, BREAD, some dairy. Today I had my oatmeal for breakfast, some non-fat yogurt with my homemade granola and some kiwi for snack.... lunch was salad...afternoon snack was a banana and dinner was kale soup minus the potatoes and kielbasa. And I'm not hungry.

So after Steve and I splurged Saturday night I had a cup of coffee Sunday morning. (Steve is not off coffee..he has a killer of a commute and would most likely have major road rage)...I had maybe half the cup and it made me kind of sick. I haven't had any or craved it since. I do drink caffeine free tea in the afternoon.

Someone asked how I felt after the pizza/wine Saturday night. GOOD! I only had two small slices of pizza plus salad. By Saturday I was just craving a normal meal and that did it for me.

This week I feel so much better. I'm excercising..something I couldn't do last week either. I'm doing this because I do want to drop those last 10 baby pounds...(hello! he's almost 2!)...and I just wanted to feel better. I feel like all we did from Thanksgiving until New Years was eat, drink, eat, drink, eat, drink. Uugh.

Thanks for your interest/support. Will keep you posted!


  1. Glad it's going so well! You're an inspiration!

  2. I commend you my friend...and i LOVE you for showing us your fridge..I do NOT think you are weird because I love the same thing...well, maybe we're both weird!

  3. And my congrats to you on the looks of your fridge. Never come visit me. Unless it's with a little "clean the fridge" warning!
    Woo Hoo! I need to lose those same 10 baby pounds. Good luck to you!~

  4. Thanks Pam for telling us more about your cleanse! There are so many different ones out there...I'm at least glad that you are on the eating one! My husband and I tried the salt water and maple syrup/hot sauce cleanse...and like I said, we lasted about 6 hours! :)

  5. Good job Pam! I need to get motivated and do the same. I'm a diet pepsiholic, and I really need to get clean:))) Keep us posted.

  6. you are doing soooo well....i want your well stacked fridge!

    i remember after our third i went to see a naturopath as i could't maintain weight nor could i sleep {not a good look on a late 30's mother!!} & the first thing she removed from my diet was coffee...
    the results were headaches...migraines...shakes and all....anyhow removing that & then many other things that *drained* me from my diet allowed me to eventually get back on track and now i maintain a very stable diet & weight which i'm happy with...

    i tell you babie/childrens & eating/drinking habits & lifestyle changes-all hand in hand aren't they!
    it feels good to find the right balance...
    keep going're feeling better already i bet!
    it's all worth it for those beautiful bambinos thouhg isn't it!

    melissa xx

  7. omg, you should start a link-up party where people reveal the insides of their refrigerators ... now THAT would be a reality check ;-) Mine would need an intervention prior to sharing, but yours looks impressive!!

    So happy for you that you're hitting smooth waters with the cleanse - you go girl! ps ... 10-15 inches on the north shore tomorrow - woot woot!!

  8. Go Pam Go! It does get easier and easier! Your body will thank you!

  9. I would love to know how your kids are doing with your new dietary changes. We did all of this before the holidays and fell of the wagon a bit but are getting back on. My worry is that my kids -- who were so tolerant and eager to participate -- were hungrier. I'd love tips on what you are doing to stay focused on your diet while still making sure your kids aren't trading their lunches at school :)

  10. I am so intrigues by all of this Pam. I can't wait to hear more. I tried googling Martha Stewart and cleanse....couldn't find anything. Do you have a link?
    Enjoy the day

    I'll get an email to you soon.....

  11. Hey Pam...I can't find your email address...quick question about the cleanse...I think I found the one you are doing. Is it the Martha one on the Whole Living Site? If so, I love how they have it all broken down day by day. Seems organized and easy to follow. Are you still nursing? I have read about other cleanses and how they can release too many toxins in your body that can transfer to your breast milk. What are your thoughts on that?? Obviously you think it's safe right, or you wouldn't be doing it!:) Dave and I are in the talking stages...I think we may dive in for Monday!!! yikes!
    Enjoy the night

    my email is

  12. WOW! Good job, Pam! I want to thank you for the mention of the hot lemon water. I have been drinking it quite a bit since I saw it on your blog! I am cutting down on coffee, which as been a crutch for me for many years! I am down to 2-3 cups & have a feeling I will be able to cut down even more with the hot lemon water. Would love to have some of your soup recipes, as that is my favorite dish to make in the winter & I am always hunting down healthy soup recipes!

  13. So glad it's going well!! You might not want to make those doughnuts after all! :)
    Thanks for the comments, I was gonna tell you I posted the recipes but you beat me to it.
    Most of my pjs come from TJMaxx and Kohls! :)
    Have a great weekend!