Thursday, November 29, 2012

A French Inspired Christmas

i've mentioned that we have no 
christmas decorations.
that includes stockings.
i came across these
simple, yet beautiful
french inspired stockings
on Heather Bullard's blog.
i don't have a sewing machine
here..and even if i did bring it
i wouldn't know how to use it.
i wonder if i can sew them by hand.
i bought some french linens
at the flea market recently.
or use fabric glue?
i wonder if they even
sell fabric glue here.

i can't get these
stockings out of my head!


  1. I think we need a sewing date. I want some too :)

  2. go for it pam! i am at my most creative at christmas and under pressure. fabric glue is a given. my grandparents from italy......seamstress and tailor! my sewing machine is still in a box in the basement. just made a skirt for under my kitchen sink with my grandmother's old tablecloth.......white with red trim.....similiar to your pic. i think it's a whatever you do, you are making memories. xxoo fanci

  3. they are simply lovely... can't wait to see yours!

  4. I think they will be lovely. Perhaps if you go to the department store BHV on rue de rivioli in the craft or hardware department you might find fabric glue.