Thursday, November 15, 2012

In My Autumn Kitchen...and My LIfe Now

in my kitchen lately...roasting and more roasting.
tomatoes and all kinds of root vegetables.
the oven seems to be constantly on.
the farmers markets here are bursting 
with beautiful fruits and vegetables...some i've never even seen before.

while we were in tuscany..
we ate dinner..twice..
we had such a great experience the first night
we went back again.
The food was delicious and 
the service was amazing.
We were treated like family and when
i think of tuscany..specifically the chianti region..
i think of the meals we had there.
our waiter brought us some olive oil
that had been pressed just 4 days earlier.
it was so good..
i brought some home with me.
i don't think there is anything as good
as freshly pressed olive oil.

griffin is having a hard time here.
he still asks daily to go "home to the other house"
he refuses to even talk about potty training.
he is still sleeping in our bed.
and he doesn't EVER want to leave the house.
it is a battle getting him out every day.

i know this won't last.
someday this will be home to him.
he will be out of diapers. (please)
he will sleep in his own bed.
and he will want to go out
and maybe even go to school.
and then i'll have hours to myself
to see paris
and sit in cafe's
and visit museums
and learn french
and take a cooking/painting/photography/writing class
and shop.

but right now..
my little 3 year old needs me.
paris will have to wait.


  1. Oh, poor Griffin. Change is hard sometimes. I know when we moved to Belgium, I NEVER wanted to leave the house, either. Once I started making friends it became much easier.
    Good luck to you.

  2. He's so sweet. Those curls. Your food pictures just kill me-everything looks so good Pam!

  3. sweet baby.
    it must break your heart that he longs for the good old days : )
    i'll bet he's about to turn the corner and so many things will change.
    {then it will be you who longs for his baby days - you can't win.}
    in the meantime, you can teach him "home is where the heart is" and "home is where you hang your hat."
    maybe he needs to channel a garden snail, with his home on his back ♥

  4. I agree those tomatoes look wonderful. You can almost smell the rosemary.

    Pam, I had a world of trouble taking my little one to a foreign country. Finally sought out an English preschool, in The Netherlands. She went kicking and screaming (at 3yrs.). But, before the week was out, she announced when we drove up:"You can stay in the car..I can go in by myself."!

    Not all kids are alike and I feel sure you know what is best for your Grif...hang in there, Janey

  5. Poor Griffy.... It's so hard for him. And I feel badly for you as it must break your heart to see him so sad - not to mention how hard it is for you to have all the 'extras' to deal with. It's hard for us as adults to process so much change. He will turn a corner soon - it's still all so new. And your veggies look amazing. LOVE the shots of your kitchen. xoxo

  6. sweet. He will be just fine soon...aren't kids like that. One day you will say ..gosh, remember when Griffey used to ask to go to the old he is really at home here.
    Happy thanksgiving in Paris!

  7. You're a good mommy, Pam, to be so selfless and not force Griffy beyond his limits. It's tough being 3. It's also tough adjusting to a new lifestyle for some. This too shall pass. It's all about seasons in our lives, isn't it?

    I think you are making the most of it….I absolutely love your posts and all of the glimpses that you share with us. Thank you!
    Here's to a great Friday!

  8. I love everything Catie wrote!
    Maybe you can find a children's book that will teach him "home is where the heart is".
    And CC is right, being 3 is tough on its own. Now you have all of this in the mix.
    Hang in there Pam. I'll be thinking of you.