Friday, November 16, 2012

My Trip to the Boucherie

yesterday was a really bad day.
like..i want to go home (to the states) bad day.
like..i called steve and then my mom crying bad day.

after bribing griffin with hot cocoa at starbucks,
i finally got him out of the house.

after starbucks
we went to the boucherie 
for pork,veal and beef to make meatballs.
the cashier rings me up..
29 euro (37$)
for 1/2 pound of pork
1/2 pound of veal
1 pound of beef

this is not what i was crying about..
although i should have been.

i didn't have euro
and the credit card machine was down.
i told them (in the worst french possible)
i'd walk back to the atm
and be back with cash.

now, griffin was riding his trike.
i was apprehensive about letting him ride it
as the last time he did,
this  happened. happened again.
almost exactly in the same spot as last.
right in the middle of a busy paris street
his bike broke apart in 3 pieces.
as i'm picking up the pieces
the light turns
and cars are beeping at me
and again..
not ONE person stopped to help.
i don't get it.

i guess it's time
for a new bike.

visit tiggy&grace today!
kimberly just opened her online shop!
i may have treated myself to an apron
you all know how i love an apron


  1. Bonjour Pam. Sorry you had such a rotten day. It is not easy every day living in a foreign country, away from friends and family. It has not been always been easy for me here in the States either, and I spoke the language pretty fluently when I arrived! Paris is a big, expensive, crazy city. I am not in the least surprised at your local butcher's prices. What arrondissement do you live in? It sounds like 16th or 7th Arrondissement prices to me all right :-) As for Parisians not being the most helpful people in the world, that is no scoop either. Paris is one tough, crazy place, and the reality of daily life there is often very different from the "life- is-perfect-in-this-Oh-so-romantic-city" picture so many blogs depict, mostly through photos... Parisians - not "the French" - are a special breed, like many big city people. They take time getting used to. You would probably find things to be very different if you lived outside of the capital. So, hang in there, girl. I suggest giving up on that trike. If it has broken down twice already, it will do so again, more than likely in the middle of crazy traffic. I would stick to a handy umbrella stroller for now. I know you will make it, whether you become fluent in French or not. For now, I would surround myself with many friendly Americans and expats. There are A LOT of them in Paris :-) Bonne chance. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Ugh! How rude those French are. I can't believe that no one came to your aid. My girlfriend lived in France for a while and she said the same thing. She said you never see kids out and about because they are hidden somewhere or in schools all the time. Little kids are very aware of peoples energy and so much more, maybe Griffy senses that the people and culture is unfriendly and wants out. Usually little kids adapt pretty quickly to new situations and it's the older kids that have a hard time adjusting. We always talk about moving back to MN to be closer to family and my younger son, who is 8 is all for it, but my 12 year old is like "no way." I get it with her because she's in 7th grade and has been with this group of kids since kindergarten. Anyway, I was so amazed at how open your older kids were to the idea and how great they have been at adjusting. Maybe things will get better once Griffy is in school with peers. He might feel like he has his own thing like his older siblings.
    I give you so much credit for being so open and brave each day. Paris is so exciting and I'm sure scary at the same time, but you're out there giving it a go and learning a new language and culture. Teach those French a thing or two and help out someone the next time you see someone in need. Show them that being nice and helpful is actually a good thing.
    I'm sure as I'm writing this that today is a new day and things are looking better, but it's good that you got it out there and vented. Just doing that sometimes lifts you up. Just know that you have your "blogger" friends and that you can vent to us as anytime. Have a great day girl!

  3. I'm so sorry..... Sending you a big {{{hug}}} and hoping that today is better. Feel free to call me ANYTIME you want to cry or vent. Seriously. xoxo

  4. so sorry, pam.
    lows like this always signal better days ahead.
    once you are feeling better, you should let radio flyer know about this. a children's bike that falls apart when you ride it?? let them know you are a VERY influential blogger : )
    and, who knew there were starbucks in paris?

  5. oh Pam...those days happen her in the states, but when they happen somewhere new it makes it so much harder. Will Griffy ride in a stroller? I bet he likes his trike better...I'm with Catie, someone needs to hear about it!
    I hope today (or at least the new apron :) bring a smile to your face!

  6. Pam - I would love to put you in contact with my dear friend Marie. She lives in Paris and has hosted friends of mine from the states before. I KNOW you two would get along great! She was my maid of honor and I've known her since I was 12. Anyway, LMK b/c she is one of the kindest people I've ever known. And so are you so you would do well together. Love you and take care!!

  7. I have had those days too Pam...I completely get it. Seems to be worse around the holidays. I am with Veronique, surround yourself with as many like minds as you can. Just being able to let off some steam helps a lot... When I feel the same way, I give myself a 'time out' to regroup..a creative excursion usually does the trick.
    Please feel free to write to me, I would be more than happy to chat. We left in 1999....I find right about now is the toughes last Thanksgiving was in 1998. It just isn't the same unless you are in the USA...I find a different way to celebrate and then before you know it...feeling weary is a thing of the past.
    Best wishes can reach me at

    Jeanne xx

  8. My heart goes out to you. I think Veronique gave you great advice. Cultures are different..and you have just experienced one of their negative traits...There are so many other beautiful ones. I have a whole slew of touching stories of helpful French strangers....even Parisians.

    Count your blessings, stay busy (blog). FILL your calendar, find a girlfriend and keep cooking. Even if it's just beef meatballs! :) Janey

  9. Oh friend, my heart hurts to hear about your bad day, your tears, and how no one helped you. I know you are having some beautiful memories there, but things like that just put a damper on it all. I'm sending you a hug and a prayer from Texas. I promise if Griffy's trike broke in Texas, you'd have 100 people trying to help you in the middle of the busy street. I do hope things get better, and people become friendlier. You are such a sweet person!

  10. bad days like that only happen to the brave. it means you are risking.. you are doing.. you are OUT THERE.. for better or worse. and through those risks we grow,if nothing else.. our sense of humor. ;) i'm glad each new day brings new mercies and grace if we let it. ps... i love reading about your adventures. you are BRAVE woman. :)

  11. you definitely need a new bike...and maybe some quiet days with Griffy coloring or playing with playdough and baking cookies or something to remind him of his last home...

  12. I agree with all of the previous comments and I just want to say that your writing is excellent because I felt your pain, embarrassment and anger as you described what happened with Griffy's bike!!! Please know that we are all sending you good vibes and thoughts as you continue on your Paris adventure! I bet kissing that sweet lil face of Griffy's made you feel better! And from now on you will not venture out without double checking for euros!!! I wonder what the older kids said about your day...I bet they were sweet and that maybe you had a chuckle about it by now? hugs, cathy