Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Paris Marches de Noel

paris is getting ready 
for the holidays.
the christmas markets,
window displays
and lights
are beautiful!

yesterday griffy and i walked
down the champs elysees.
i'm looking forward to walking
it at night to see the lights.

we stopped in Laduree.
i snuck a few photos..
and bought a few macaroons.

i'll take everything here.
the colorful luggage.
the shoes, the hat
and most definitely the coat.

while the window displays 
are still being put up,
the christmas market is in
full swing.

i'm betting this is gorgeous an night.

i think being in paris
at christmas will be wonderful!


  1. The pictures of Paris preparing for Christmas are beautiful. Laudree is one of my favorite spots- spent my 40th there. Thank you again for sharing Paris with us through your blog.....makes my morning!

  2. Oh Pam the Christmas market is simply stunning! I can almost smell it!! Are the macaroons are delicious as they look? I had my first one recently at a tiny shop in Bloomington, IN where the baker is originally from France... oh it was divine! And the stand of matryoshkas... it makes me smile!

    Thank you for sharing Paris with us!

  3. I can't wait to see it through your eyes...thank you so much for sharing your family's adventure....Happy Thanksgiving...

  4. These pictures are AMAZING!!! Thanks for sharing! AK