Friday, November 23, 2012

American Food Found

the eiffel tower yesterday.
isn't she pretty?

yesterday griff and i walked
to a store i had heard about.
the Real McCoy.
it sells american food.

it's comforting to know
that i can buy a box of cake mix
and a jar of frosting.
even though the two would
cost me about 20 bucks.

i was so happy to find crisco sticks!
for years i've made homemade apple pie
and used the sticks for the crust.
and the kids were excited about the oatmeal
for breakfast this morning!

i'll be cooking our thanksgiving
dinner today.

bon weekend mes amis!


  1. Yay! Happy Thanksgiving friend!

  2. How great to find that market! I remember seeing Old El Paso taco shells when we lived on our island...I ran to them, but converted the price and they were $17 US dollars. I had to pass them by, but it was so comforting to see something from home. Looks like you found a great resource. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving in Paris... I just remembered there used to be a wonderful American grocery store in le Marais years ago... It was right next door to the college I attended for several years. I used to stop by the store to fill some of my American food cravings. It was aptly named "Thanksgiving" :-) You should look it up... Take care, Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. OH how exciting for you! Enjoy your Thanksgiving meal!

  5. Well, that's a treat! The tower shot is great...even though the weather doesn't look too pleasing! Happy Thanksgiving! Janey

  6. Wow, Pam! I am so impressed with your getting around Paris with a 3 year old!! I can't believe that his little trike broke again and that no one helped makes me want to cry!!! Cannot believe how expensive food is there!! I have a feeling that Griffy will be a chef one day!! Sending happy thoughts your way, Pam! big hugs, cathy (looking forward to your nighttime Paris photos at Christmas!!)

  7. haha, pringles and pop tarts!!! glad you found what you needed..xoxo