Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Life List

 Kimberly is living my other life. Believe me, I LOVE my life but if and when we're ever done living in  europe (i hope not)..i would love to settle down on a farm not unlike hers. although, my farmhouse would have to be on the east coast..and with an ocean view or maybe in tuscany :)
i love that kim names her cameras and her airstream (mabel)...i just might have to start naming some of my favorite things...starting with my grandmother's sugar bowl. i'm going to start calling it hazel. even though my nana didn't like her name..i loved her and her name.
kim's blog is one of those blogs that you find that you have to go back and start reading from the beginning...and i spent a few afternoons doing just that. she had me at "i got to meet ina".
recently kim posted about her top 50 things to do on her life list. and of course, it got me thinking.

1. finally learn to knit
2. take my mom to tuscany
3. take my dad to ireland
4. take a painting class
5. plan and host a big old fashioned family reunion
6. learn french
7. finally learn to sew
8. take my children to africa to volunteer
9. see Le Miserables in London with steve and kids
10. own a small cottage on the vineyard
11. learn italian
12. grow a BIG garden
13. visit thailand
14. own a tuscan farmhouse and grow olives
15. attend a show during fashion week in paris
16. take a family trip to all the homes we've ever lived in
17. see oprah...check!
18. raise chickens
19. go back to villa vignamaggio with just steve.
20. meet all my tp sisters
21. learn to play piano..specifically, pachelbels canon
22. have a dog...and not give him away
23. finally print and organize our photos in albums
24. take more videos of the kids
25. see U2 with steve
26. take a photography class
27. visit montana
28. dine in as many restaurants in paris as possible with steve
29.  make a movie out of all of our old videos
30. visit provence...although i'm scared i'll love it more than tuscany!
31. have a working fireplace in my kitchen
32. rent a cottage in maine with our family for one week.. with no electricity and no cellphones
33. have more girls weekends away
34. get over my fear of flying
35. rent a sailboat in the caribbean and sail around BVI..with steve and kids.
36. go to the french open and/or wimbledon
37. take a literary walking tour around paris
38. read more history books
39.  achieve the best health, mind and body, i possibly can
40. take a cooking class in paris
41. host a girls weekend at our flat in paris
42. go away by myself for a week
43. live in london
44. buy lots of beautiful antiques at the flea markets in france
45. have a professional do my hair and makeup
46. visit more museums and learn more about art
47. continue my book collection and build a beautiful library
48. do something creative every day
49. play tennis again
50. rent a cottage in the cotswalds

this was fun!
at first i will i come up with 50...and now i could think of 50 more!

a bientot mes amis!


  1. Having had the opportunity to do #35 when I was 11 with my parents in BVI - yes, you must do this!

  2. I love your list Pam.
    Going to visit Kimberly's blog now.

  3. Oh friend- I LOVE your list! I could relate to so many things! The dog one- it makes me sad that I so quickly related to that one. You could volunteer with your kids at my mom's orphanage when it is finished! I am learning french, LOVE girls' weekends (they completely refill my cup!), cooking classes in foreign cities are a must, and I too want to go away for a week by myself, although I fear that I will take a few days to wish I hadn't before I get comfortable with the silence.
    Thank you endlessly for your kind words, and your beautiful post- it is wonderful!

  4. Somehow I bet you do do most of those! Great list. When I moved to Europe, I too had to give away a dog:(. I did 33.... and our get away was to Paris (six of us). Where we did 15;actually not a house of couture...just the one at Galeries Layfette, but it wowed us! Janey

  5. I love your list...inspiring me to make my own! I have done #9 and it is one of my best memories, almost 25 years ago on my honeymoon!