Monday, November 12, 2012

Flea Marketing in Paris

steve and i stole away for a few hours
sunday morning.
i've been wanting to visit the 
porte de vanves flea market.
it did not disappoint.
the markets..both flea and farmers
are one of my favorite things about
living here in paris.

and here are a few of our purchases..

i loved this urn..

my foo dog book ends
and some vintage books.

old kitchen scale..and it's teal!

fleur de lys iron grates

bowls and embroidered linen towels..

love the flea markets in france!


  1. Sigh....How I envy you.
    Several items caught my eye.Loved your choices! I hope that you took the car. You would have had pretty full arms getting on that metro!

  2. Fabulous Finds!
    I know you will make future visits, so I cannot wait to see what else you will buy someday!

  3. Ok Pam! Can I please, please, please send you money via PayPal and have you select some goodies for me and mail them back to the states?!?! AMAZING! You and I have very similar tastes. But seriously. Can you hunt for me too?! Let me know and the money is on the way. :-)

  4. Be still my heart! LOVE that scale. I want first dibs at your garage sale. Hahaha

  5. how exciting that your family took a huge trip like this together!

    I have loved living vicariously through you in all the pictures.
    this is our DREAM trip...hope to take it in a few years when we celebrate 20 years. :)

  6. Hi Pam, I LOVE those latte bowls in the first picture. I think I'd buy way too many, if I could. Everything is so beautiful over there!